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Get well soon Fabrice Muamba

March 18, 2012

Fabrice Muamba with the ball in the FA Cup tie against Spurs

41 minutes into the FA Cup tie opposing Spurs and Bolton, and 23-year old Fabrice Muamba, unnoticed by many, collapsed face first into the ground, unchallenged. The Bolton medics quickly rushed on the field, joined quickly by Spurs’ ones, the on-duty doctor and CPR staff. It became apparent that Muamba was in a critical state, as a defibrillator was used to try resuscitate him, amid tears from almost everyone present on and off the field. He was eventually stretchered off, and taken to the nearest hospital, and it is believed that he suffered a massive cardiac arrest. Prayers go to him and his family for a quick and safe recovery. This is one day when football becomes an insignificant thing, as a player battles for his life, and rivalries are forgotten and everyone joins in praying for a miracle to happen… Get well soon lad.

Distraught Van Der Vaart praying for Muamba's recovery

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