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February 7, 2011

Fernando Torres did not enjoy a great debut with the Blues of Chelsea against former club Liverpool, and he lasted only about 65 minutes on the pitch before being replaced by Kalou, and booed by his ex-supporters throughout the period he played. The £50M tag attached to him has not been justified in that game, although he did get two opportunities to score, but once the shot was too high, and the second was blocked by former teammate Carragher.

Partnered alongside Drogba, with support also from Lampard and Anelka, more magic was expected from the Chelsea frontline, but it only ended in disappointment for the Blues as Pepe Reina was barely called in action, and kudos for Dalglish, he won without having to play Suarez, and his team showed a good mentality throughout the game to come away with a big win. So it appears that money is not everything in football, it is the passion that drives on a team to win. However it is still early to judge Torres, as we all know what he is capable of when in good form, but when will he hit that form in the Blue shirt is another question ;)

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