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Frantic Transfer Deadline Day

February 1, 2011

Carroll and Torres complete moves

It was a frantic transfer deadline day yesterday, as Chelsea and Liverpool both finally managed to get their men, but will Torres’ departure from Liverpool be a big blow for the latter seems to be the question, although they did manage to eventually sign Carroll from Newcastle, and also got Suarez from Ajax.

50M Pounds, the price Chelsea had to pay to finally get Torres to wear the Blue outfit, but Abramovich seemed happy to spend that money, and he even managed to get David Luiz as well for a deal of around 21M Pounds, which will see the Blues may be get back in form and become a serious contender for the title again.

Liverpool for their behalf lost Torres, but they have managed to get Suarez from Ajax and eventually signed Carroll for a 35M fee from Newcastle when it was confirmed that Torres is no longer part of the team. Two big signings for Liverpool as well, and may be this will kick start their season and lead them back to the Top 4.

Which of these two teams have done the best deals will be known very soon, as they will face each other on Sunday at Stamford Bridge, and we’ll all await whether Torres will play and score against his former team, or new boys Suarez and Carroll will give Dalglish something to cheer about.

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