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Liverpool get their man: Hodgson to be announced as new boss in the week

June 30, 2010

Liverpool sure know how to draw out a deal. As if the impending transfer of Serbian international Milan Jovanovic hasn’t gone on long enough, we’ve now had to endure the deal to bring Roy Hodgson to Anfield for the best part of 2 months. It’s been on, it’s been off, it’s been confirmed, it’s been denied. But now, with great pride and satisfaction, I can confirm that Roy Hodgson will be named as Rafael Benitez’s successor this week, or even by the end of today according to Liverpool FC.

Hodgson completed a wonderful three years at Craven Cottage by guiding Fulham into the Europa League final last season, ahead of European giants Juventus, reigning champions Shakhtar Donetsk and German champions Wolfsburg. He also established Fulham as a mighty tough Premier League side, finishing a record 7th place in the 2008/09 season before securing a mid-table slot last campaign, a superb effort considering the amount of games they had to play both domestically and in the continent.

The 62-year old topped a shortlist that also involved ex-Real Madrid boss Manuel Pellegrini, Galatasaray’s Frank Rijkaard and Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish, whose job it was, along with Managing Director Christian Purslow, to hunt down and appoint the right man for the job. Dalglish is now involved in the youth development side of the club, but was a strong favourite to be put in charge, prior to Hodgson’s arrival.

Mike Kelly, goalkeeping coach and Hodgson’s no.2 at Fulham, is expected to join up with the man who has managed the likes of Inter Milan, Bristol City and United Arab Emirates in his very successful career.

So, what do we think Liverpool fans? Is this the right move for the club? Is Roy Hodgson the man to take Liverpool back into the Champions League and get them challenging for honours again? Let me know what you think here, or at my blog –

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  1. Hahah permalink
    June 30, 2010 11:12 am

    Lies.. Lies.. Liverpool was bought by Bill Gates and will turn Anfield into a 500000 seat stadium. He has already signed Dzeko, Aguero, Di Maria, Messi and Maicon. He has already placed the Champions League trophy permanantly at Anfield for the next 10 years, and the PL along with it.The new Windows operating system will be called Windows LFC and the operating system will open with the liverbird chanting You will Never Walk Alone. Maradona will be apoointed manager for the magic he has created with Agentina, and the assistant coach will be Pele. Purslow has been replaced with Platini and Manure drop out of the PL due to financial difficulties. zzzzzzzz what, mum just five more minutes, i am haveing a wet dream….

  2. YNWalkA permalink
    June 30, 2010 12:06 pm

    What we, the fans, would like to know is this….Who made the final decision, with footballing knowledge, to appoint Hodgson?…was it (know fuck all) Hicks?, was it Purdy (more of the same, Accountant), who was brought in to for another purpose?, or was it the clueless board?. The fans NEED to know!. Was Hodgson appointed just on being outclassed and beaton in the eufa final?, or was it in doing worse (12th) last season to the previous season (7th), with Fulham?……There are many of these question that need to be answered!!!.

  3. billyboneshaker permalink
    June 30, 2010 3:51 pm

    I would say its a good catch…

  4. June 30, 2010 5:32 pm

    I’m in the opinion that Hodgson was the cheapest option of all the names linked to the job barring Dalglish, who was never really interested in coming back to the role

  5. George permalink
    June 30, 2010 7:42 pm

    I disagree that he is a poor choice. Yes Fulham finished 12th, but the season before when they finished 7th, they were not involved in so much European football, if any (I can’t quite remember). This season they’ve played a remarkable amount of matches, more than anyone else, and started their season in late July. Therefore, to not only guide Fulham (a very mediocre team made up of mediocre players) past Juventus, Shakhtar, Wolfsburg and the rest to the Europa League final, AND secure a mid-table slot in the PL with that group of players is a remarkable achievement. Yes, he may not be a Maradona (who I believe has done nothing special with Argentina – Messi, Aguero, Milito, Veron, Tevez – who couldn’t do a job with those players?), but he’s a mighty fine tactician and superb motivator. Give the guy a chance and then you can say that he was a poor/cheap choice.

    @Glamourousdiss – Even if he is the cheapest option, are you really surprised? It’s well publicised that we’re in the financial doo doo, so it was inevitable that we weren’t going to bring in a Hiddink or a Rijkaard in the end. Hodgson was always going to become Liverpool manager, whether we like it or not – And I do like it.

  6. July 1, 2010 11:38 am

    Hopefully he’ll do a more than decent job at anfield, may be get them back in the top 4, but I was more expecting someone like Rush or Dalglish to take the reins instead of him, someone who knows more about Liverpool’s football style

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