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Bye bye cashley

February 23, 2010

So I hear Cashley might be leaving. I take certain delight upon hearing news of one of the better Chelsea players wanting to leave and that is perhaps understandable (along with the Gooners of course). However, I also feel slight disappointment that as professionals, players should set an example and use their status for the good of the game and not to sneak around some random female who will eventually be “forced” to clear the air and $uffer for it. And again I question Cheryl’s sanity in staying with this guy and keeping his last name.

That issue aside, my next question is, what other teams are left, should Cashley decides to, pun intended, cash in. I certainly don’t see any English club big enough for him that will take a chance on him, barring Liverpool, but that means Insua will be branded a failure in the future and tarnish Benitez’s already balding hair and reputation. The perfect solution would be for him to leave for a big European club, and I can see Real Madrid looking over. Cole is an excellent footballer despite his pitfalls and with an ego the size of Madrid, I can see him moving there, and joining the likes of Owen, Woodgate and Goldenballs as Englishmen who have played for Madrid. That same ego will count against the likelihood of Cole going to Barcelona, and the fact Mourinho won’t stay long at Inter means that transfer won’t happen.

Of course these could all be just rumours, and if Cole stays, then I will perhaps have some bittersweet reason to celebrate as he continues to make a PR fool out of himself and Spurs and Goons have something in common to jeer about. Either way, as a fan of the football and a fan of the football celebrity, I still win.

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  1. James permalink
    February 23, 2010 5:53 pm

    I hate Ashley Cole.

  2. maserati4200 permalink
    February 23, 2010 7:08 pm

    He’s a moron.

    Too much money, too much spare time and no brains whatsoever.

  3. February 23, 2010 8:59 pm

    What a moron!! He should be kicked out of Football as well!!

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