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Togo National Team bus attacked by Angolan gunmen

January 8, 2010

An incredible story coming out of Africa today reports that the Togolese National Team, on their way into the Congo ahead of the African Nations Cup, were attacked by a group of armed Angolan rebels on the boarder between the two countries. The driver of the bus has been killed, and two of the players injured in this unprovoked ambush.

FC Nantes striker Thomas Dossevi revealed the horror that he and his teammates experienced.

I am fine but several players are in a bad way. We are at still at hospital. We were attacked like dogs and had to hide for twenty minutes under the seats to avoid the bullets. We were shot, although we had two police coaches on our sides. There are two injured players and also some staff.

This attack brings back memories of when the Sri Lanka Cricket Team’s bus was attacked whilst on their way to the 3rd day’s play of a Test Match against Pakistan. As on this occasion, players and staff were injured and there were a few casualties in Karachi.

The two injured players are reported to be GSI Pontivy goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale and Vaslui FC defender Serge Akakpo. Grenoble player Alaixis Romau said he could count 7 injured people. He explains the effect the attack has had on the team.

We are not thinking about possible actions just yet, but it’s true no one wants to play. We are not capable. Before everything we have to think about the health of the injured. There was a lot of blood on the floor.

One must wonder whether the African Cup of Nations should be allowed to go ahead. There has to be serious concern about security in the light of such an incident. I’m sure that all the teams participating will be considering forfeiting and contemplating their actions extremely carefully. It’s a very very sad day for Football, again emphasising the state of affairs in continents such as Africa. No doubt Fifa President Sep Blatter will have a few things to say about this.

For now, thoughts are with the families of those injured, and we all hope they make a speedy recovery.

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