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Football Trivia Quiz

December 25, 2009

Just by way of a change from the normal cut and thrust of WDKF comment, opinion and occasionally disagreement, I’ve cobbled together a handful of footy trivia questions to get you all thinking. I’ll leave it a week or so, and, assuming nobody has them all correct, I’ll reveal the answers and await the traditional quiz night bickering. You know the sort of thing I mean, “Do I get a half a point for this? Or “you’re wrong, the answer is this” kind of responses. Anyway, here goes. Enjoy or try to.

Question one.
Which Premiership footballer, presently still playing, has scored the most goals against Liverpool?

Question two.
An easy and popular one now, England has 92 league clubs with 23 different last names, 25 if you include Arsenal Shit and Liverpool Nil! List all 23, for example – Town United etc.

Question three.
Which seven teams have some sort of building in their name?

Question four.
When was an orange ball last used in the FA Cup Final?

Question five.
In September 2001, four days after thumping Germany 1-5 in Munich, England played again, who were their opponents, what was the score and where was the match played?

Question six.
If Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Opposition Leader David Cameron were spotted sat together watching their favourite teams, who would the game be between?

Question seven.
Which teams used to play at the following grounds, Maine Road, Roker Park, Layer Road, The Baseball Ground, Filbert Street ? Where do they play now?

Question eight.
What’s missing? 1979 Sunderland, 1980……………. , 1981 Villa.

Question nine.
In 1884 a Birmingham toolmaker invented an item which is still is use today, what is that item and what is its name?

Question ten.
Which English football clubs are furthest North, South, East and West?

That’s it have fun, I did making the questions

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  1. yaniv permalink
    December 25, 2009 7:51 am

    lol.. What a quiz.. So look forward to the answers.. Looking at the questions puts my football knowledge into real perspective.. Apart from the obvious answers, i honestly admit, i know zilch.. Leave half a point, i might get 0.1.. Awesome qs..

  2. yaniv permalink
    December 25, 2009 8:01 am

    lol, i’ll take a stab at this one.. I want to see how far off the mark i am..
    1. Danny murphy
    2. Town, united, city, county, forest, football club, athletic, wanderers, albion, rover.. Thats 10
    3. No clue
    4. Random number- 1989.. Lets see if i atleast got the decade right.. :)
    5. Lets guess- ussr, lost 3-1
    6. Everton n leeds??
    7. No idea
    8. Arsenal?
    9. Whistle?
    10. South- pompy? Lolol.. Only 1 answer i’m a little confident about is the one bout the last names of teams.. N i only got 10 names.. Boy thats sad..

  3. bob permalink
    December 26, 2009 9:09 am

    i like question 10, is plymouth the furthest south and furthest west, norwich in the east, plus newcastle in the north but thats if you dont cound berwick rangers which are actually in england but play in the scottish league.

    • December 26, 2009 11:47 am

      Nice one bob,
      Plymouth Argyle is indeed the furthest South and West, Norwich City is the furthest East and Newcastle United is the furthest North. Only nine more to go!

  4. December 26, 2009 1:15 pm

    Right this has taken me some time
    1. Jamie Carragher (own goals)
    2. Town, City, United, Wednesday, Rovers, Hotspur, Bromwich Albion, Borough, Park Rangers, Argyle, North End, Palace, Forest, Wanderers, Football Club, Alexandra, Athletic, County, Dons, Orient, Albion, Stanley, Bournemouth (AFC) – not sure about this last one
    3. MILLwall, Aston VILLA, NewCASTLE United, Crystal PALACE, BARNet, BARNsley and….no idea
    4. 1973
    5. Albania 2-0, St James Park
    6. Dunno vs Aston Villa
    7. Maine Road – Manchester City
    Roker Park – Sunderland
    Filbert Street – Leicester
    Not too sure on the others…
    8. Brooking!!! (cheeky question!)
    9. As a ref I should know this one – referee’s whistle
    10. North – Newcastle
    South – Plymouth
    East- Norwich
    West – Dunno
    This provided some good family quiz time this morning and this is my family’s entry :)

  5. December 26, 2009 10:32 pm

    One or two top quality answers from the lady known hereabouts as blissbubbley.
    Of the nine still required before Sarah and her family “did their nuts in” on Boxing Day, we still require five more because the following are correct.

    question 1/ Jamie Carragher – six own goals
    question 4/ 1973 Leeds United versus Sunderland. Jim Montgomery and the late Bob Stokoe anyone ?
    question 5/ England took on and beat Albania two nil at St James’ Park Newcastle with Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler doing the business.
    question 8/ Trevor Brooking scored the winning goal in the 1980 FA Cup Final. The year before Alan Sunderland was on target for arsenal with Ricardo Villa of Tottenham scattering Manchester City defenders like ninepins in 1981.

    All deflated now but not to worry, number six was always one of my bankers.

  6. Ryan permalink
    December 29, 2009 1:53 am

    Question 7 is:
    Maine Road – Manchester City – City of Manchester Stadium
    Roker Park – Sunderland – Stadium of Light
    Layer Road – not sure!
    Baseball Ground – Derby County – Pride Park
    Filbert Street – Leicester City – Walkers Stadium (?)

    Question 6 I will go with Blissbubbley on Cameron being a Villa fan (living in Oz means im not full bottle on who the pollies support!), is Gordon Brown a Chelsea fan? I want to say Newcastle but I know that was Blair!

    Question 2 for a stab in the dark:
    United, Hotspur, City, Villa, Rovers, Town, North End, Palace, Forest, Wednesday, Argyle, Orient, Rangers, Alexandra, County, Dons, Wanderers, Athletic, Albion, Association, no name (hoping there was a trick in there!)..

    Now im going onto google to see how i did and will probly kick myself about Layer Road!

  7. Pete Smith permalink
    December 30, 2009 1:29 pm

    Number 2:
    United, City, Wanderers, Hotspur, Villa, Albion, Rangers, Alexandra, Town, County, Forest, Albion, Wednesday, Palace, Argyle, Stanley, End, Dons, Athletic, Rovers, Orient, Borough, Redbridge – thanks to my workmate on the last one!

    Number 6:
    Aston Villa vs Raith Rovers – I remember seeing an article when they won the 2nd division championship

    • Pete Smith permalink
      December 30, 2009 3:04 pm

      I now know that one is wrong and what it should be replaced with.

      But I see I also put Albion twice – however I have no idea what that means the last one is!

  8. January 3, 2010 8:02 pm

    Here we go then, I’ve left it long enough I reckon

    1/ Jamie Carragaher – six own goals
    2/ United (e.g. Colchester)
    Town (e.g. Ipswich)
    City (e.g. Norwich)
    Wanderers (e.g. Wycombe)
    Albion (e.g. Brighton & Hove)
    Rovers (e.g. Bristol)
    Argyle (Plymouth)
    Hotspur (Tottenham)
    Villa (Aston)
    County (e.g. Derby)
    Forest (Nottingham)
    Wednesday (Sheffield)
    Palace (Crystal)
    Vale (Port)
    Athletic (e.g. Charlton)
    Rangers (Queens Park)
    Alexandra (Crewe)
    End (Preston North)
    Orient (Leyton)
    Bournemouth (AFC)
    Dons (MK)
    Stanley (Accrington)
    Redbridge (Dagenham &)
    3/ NewCASTLE United
    Aston VILLA
    Crystal PALACE
    KidderMINSTER Harriers
    4/ 1973 – Leeds United versus Sunderland
    5/ Opponents Albania, Result 2-0 to England, Venue – St James’ Park, Newcastle.
    6/Raith Rovers and Aston Villa
    7/ Manchester City, Sunderland, Colchester United, Derby County and Leicester City. City of Manchester Stadium, Stadium of Light, Weston Homes Community Stadium, Pride Park Stadium, The Walkers Stadium.
    8/1980 Trevor Brooking – Winning goal scorers in the FA Cup Final
    9/ The referee’s whistle – “The Acme Thunderer”
    10/ Newcastle United, Plymouth Argyle, Norwich City and Plymouth Argyle.

    That’s it – go easy on me if you disagree with the answers x

  9. hugh duff permalink
    May 8, 2010 7:36 pm

    please find the answer for me to this football trivia,public holiday in Yorkshire,what team is it. Thanking you.

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