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More drama from the Citizens

December 23, 2009

Citizens new boss

It was as if the Arab owners were unhappy not with Mark Hughes and his management, but due to the lack of drama (read: Profile) the Citizens were getting. Despite having led Man City to a decent start, draws notwithstanding, Man City had already beaten the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal, and only suffered 2 defeats this season in all competitions, once in the 100th minute of injury time, and an off-day against Spurs. Controversies aside, the Tevez saga, the Adebayor celebrations, Robinho’s desire to leave, and a creaky defence, it seemed like Garry Cook felt the need to make a PR mistake, and get the attention of everyone.

Although its been played down, news of players revolt in the dressing room means there was definitely unhappiness and genuine surprise at the way it was handled. Certain sections of the team were fiercely loyal to Hughes, and let their feelings known.

Personally, I think City can only go down from here. Mancini has 3 Serie A titles to his name, but his first was handed to him after the scandal with Juventus and AC Milan, while his 2nd title was won with his main title rivals facing points deduction and a season in Serie B. And although his 3rd title was a qualified success, by then Inter already had the backbone of a successful team, having bought many players off their rivals.

Perhaps Mancini has another agenda. He didn’t have any success coming to England as a player in the twilight of his career, and his short stint as a manager at I think it was Leicester, was short-lived and unmemorable. Perhaps he wanted to set that record straight, that he could succeed in England, given the opportunity, and in this case, the money.

Whatever the case, the Arabs were certainly not happy with the other Manchester team getting all the attention, with their endless defensive injury list, the last hurrah transfer window for Chelsea, faltering Liverpool, and the CL ambitions of Villa and Spurs. And someone had to take the blame. Ladies and Gentlemen, get comfortable, because I can assure you that the show has only just begun.

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  1. City Slicker permalink
    December 23, 2009 6:41 am

    Preumably you are being paid by the word because this is the biggest load of bollocks I have woken up to in some time.

    Manu’s “endless defensive injury list”, as if Wayne Bridge, Nedum Onuaha and Joleon Lescott didn’t exist. Then again ManU’s many millions, building a hugh squad are just a fiction aren’t they?

    As for the rest of the words (hardly worthy of the title article) what exactly is your point?

    One further thought on the Mancini being “handed the title”. They still had to finish thrid dummy. Isn’t that something akin to ManU regularly featuring in the Champions League despite not being CHAMPIONS?

    • maserati4200 permalink
      December 23, 2009 5:16 pm

      Mancini is a stop gap – anyone with half a brain cell would have worked it out by now. He’s a patsy and will be toast next summer.

      The Citeh Mafia have annoited someone else as Hughes’/Mancini’s successor and this person will take over after the World Cup. Work it out.

  2. CCCracker permalink
    December 23, 2009 7:21 am

    Did you bang your head before writing this article? Because apparently your brain hasn’t stopped wobbling yet. Or perhaps this article is proof that if you give a monkey a keyboard, then eventually he’ll put an article together. Of course, the only souls that can understand will be other monkeys.

    • maserati4200 permalink
      December 23, 2009 5:18 pm

      Monkeys have been running Citeh for years.

  3. stav permalink
    December 23, 2009 8:50 am

    What is clear is that Garry Cook is a complete cretan, how did the guy get the job? I feel sorry for the city supporters, after being given the chance to win some trophys with the new owners, only to find out ‘their’ club is being run by a moron. Next one out the door…Garry Cook surley.

    • maserati4200 permalink
      December 23, 2009 5:20 pm

      Someone should tell Cook to stop digging. Every time he opens his mouth he makes it worse. A complete and utter Kn*b

      • December 23, 2009 6:50 pm

        hear hear! I remember one of his earlier press conferences where he made a mess out of Sven’s position at the club! Sven and Thaksin seems like such a long time ago but in fact they’re not!

  4. December 23, 2009 4:49 pm

    City Slicker and CCCracker, nothing like a facetious response from behind the safety of an anonymous screen name is there? In amongst all the “bollocks” and “chimp authored” words what particularly do you object to or find untrue?

    Manchester City have made themselves a laughing stock and Garry Cook’s embarrassing performance in a PR disaster of a press conference completely overshadowed Roberto Mancini introduction to the media.

    Now, in a fit of pique, Manchester City have banned the press from their training ground, ostensibly to avoid their players being unsettled by the negative media reaction to the sacking of Mark Hughes, bit lame that isn’t it?

    My interpretation of the article is Man’ City have badly bungled the dismissal of Mark Hughes and in the process jeopardised their best chance of success for many years. The disgraceful actions of their Board and Chief Executive Officer will be as much to blame as any perceived failings of Hughes and now Mancini, who, I don’t think will still be in charge at the start of season 2010/11.

    • maserati4200 permalink
      December 23, 2009 5:00 pm

      I agree Kevin.

      The City Board and so called “Chief Executive” have demonstrated that; a) they are unfit to run a PL club; b) have no morale principles; c) are not to be trusted and; d) deserve to fail.

      They are a shambles and a disgrace. Plus ca change – just look at the recent history – goodness knows how many managers in a very few years and still nothing to show for it.

      We’re all supposed to buy the “that’s football” excuse and shrug our shoulders and “let’s move on”, but at some stage this cr*p has got to stop, otherwise the game will lose all credibility. City already have.

      • December 23, 2009 7:31 pm

        I saw an interview with Mancini and he said he wasn’t sure what happens after the Summer with regards his job at City. He’s definitely a stop-gap and the FA need to start looking into clubs changing managers all the time as the Premier League will start to lose credibility.

        I wish Mark Hughes all the best for the future and I’m sure he’ll be back into management soon.

        Oh and a Merry Christmas to all x

      • December 23, 2009 7:33 pm

        I used my other wordpress log in again (stupid me)

        The Sarah comment above is indeed me! Lol

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