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Technology NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!! Henry cheats brilliant Ireland out of the World Cup finals

November 18, 2009

Firstly, I am not Irish

Secondly, I hate blatant cheating

Everybody in the world saw 10 seconds after it happened that Thierry Henry pulled of one of the biggest muggings in World Cup history with his left hand. When will we get technology? When Henry punches the ball in the net in a World Cup final? Is it something like that that we need to happen? What would have happened if Robbie Keane had knocked the French out tonight with his hand…what would Platini think and do? As a footnote the officials had a great game, but it goes to show that one missed decision is all it takes..the stakes are far too high now for things to carry on like this.

As i previously wrote, our game is slowly but surely dying. Cheats are prospering. We need change NOW

Thierry Henry has destroyed his legacy and has killed a small part of the game that he supposedly loves. It makes me feel sad and ill.

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  1. Rojo permalink
    November 19, 2009 12:49 am

    Once again, France prevail without honour. We’ve seen that before. FIFA will reward officials with lucrative contracts.

    At least it indicates that racial integration is alive and well in France, as Henry showed all the moral backbone of a white Frenchman on the night.

  2. Rojo permalink
    November 19, 2009 12:55 am

    Ireland, a country of 4m people, provided a football team of which the French, a country of more than 10 times that number, could only dream of equalling in terms of football and honour tonight. No problem, the French have cheated their way to the WC.

    It’s a good job that the Germans are acquiescent, because blatant cheating wouldn’t save the French from defeat in the world of war, only FIFA football.

    A joke.

    • Nico permalink
      November 19, 2009 9:38 am


      First of all, I’m French but live in Ireland. I am disapointed with my team sure and once again it proves that we need video in football but guys if Ireland did that you would have been the first ones on O’Connell to laugh at French faces so being upset is normal but that’s just hypocrisy to say that you are better that everyone else cause you would have done the exact same thing at the end… And rojo, being offensive is easy but if WW2 results were different you would have been german too probably so you should be careful of what you say and have more respect for people around you. Also, racial integration is different here than in France sure, there is not much integration here since you don’t like foreigners… lucky my Irish girlfriend is an exception…

      • Conor permalink
        November 19, 2009 12:54 pm

        Nico – sorry if you have had some bad experiences here based on your nationality, but I am sure you’ll agree there are plenty of people, like your girlfriend, who are a bit more advanced with their attitudes.

  3. laf permalink
    November 19, 2009 1:08 am

    Henry is a shameful cheat. Despicable!

  4. Robert Browne permalink
    November 19, 2009 1:16 am

    Thierry Henry is a disgrace to the game. He has brought France to the World Cup by deliberate slight of hand. It is outrageous and up there with Maradonna’s antics against England. 10 seconds after the disgrace everyone around the word knew it was the handy work of a major cheat. The only people in the dark were the match officials. The ref had a very good game but then he made a major mistake. This guy has brought the whole game into disrepute and he should not be allowed to enjoy the fruits of his cheating. France must hang its head in shame. Bring on the video ref we have it in tennis, cricket, rugby, american football but not soccer. We will probably have it in hurling before FIFA gets its act together.

  5. Barry permalink
    November 19, 2009 1:31 am

    I’m Irish guys, and I wanna thank you for your comments regarding our teams performance tonight. We are so proud of them, it was a remarkable performance, driven by the desire to win in their hearts. It’s an absolute disgrace they were robbed of the possibility of qualification through penalties, watching the post-match interviews with some of the players and the manager it was very clear that they are deeply upset. They were titans on the pitch tonight, and even though the game will always be remembered for Henrys fall from grace, I will always remember the game as being one of the proudest moments of my life. Those guys aren’t the greatest footballers in the world, not even in Ireland (speaking of the absence of both Stephen and Andy Reid), but their courage shown tonight will always stand to them. Thanks.

  6. Ged permalink
    November 19, 2009 7:51 am

    Are we surprised that the officials did not ‘see’ such a blatant act? Recent events suggest that referees can choose which decisions to make knowing that they will always be supported by the football authorities, fair play does not enter into the equation. Here in Wales we have had a recent incident where a referee accused a player of assault in an incident which was witnessed by nearly fifty people, none of whom saw any assault, yet the FA banned the player for fourteen months. The simple fact is that referees are the same as everybody else in that they perceive events according to internal schemas and this perception may not match reality. The preconception ‘Henri is an honourable man and a true professional’ distorts perception so that anything that does not fit this view is simply rejected as illusion – an honourable man will not cheat. The objective truth is revealed by video footage, namely Henri is a cheat who simply has not been caught before. Allez les bleu.

  7. November 19, 2009 11:07 am

    Something tells me the refs and linesman probably had a word of “Congratulations on a good game” by FIFA. And then had their bank accounts balances increased as a percentage of the revenue France will generate by being in the WC rather than Ireland.

  8. John permalink
    November 19, 2009 12:03 pm

    Well the handball was obvious and its a shame it happened because if it got down to penalties I think france would have come out on top. Yes I’m french and have really enjoyed watching Henry play, especially with Arsenal, to call him a cheat is a little harsh, if you watch most of his matches (as I have) Ive never seen him cheat and to imply that he always has , well thats just plain ignorance. People now say France are lucky, yet they don’t see all the things that went against them, like the red card against the Goal keeper (against Serbia) and how about 2 hand balls by Ireland themselves that went unnoticed (and hardly mentioned by the commentators)and last but not least the Irish keeper fouling anelka, in fact I have a lot more if anyone is interested! but of course not one talks about those . Football is that sort of game, sometimes things go for you and sometimes against you. Its not the first or last handball we will see in this great game, my daughters Under 14’s football team produced some hand balls this season, should I call them cheats also?. If we want to talk about lucky teams, lets talk about Italy, I could fill a blog with everything I’ve seen that team do, don’t get me started.In conclusion I’m happy France are through, even though I think their performances have been average and only good in patches, but really disappointed to see Henry do what he did.
    I do wonder though which team Fifa officials will favor next year!

    • derek permalink
      November 19, 2009 12:36 pm

      shay given fouled anelka????take a look at it again this is why henry and anelka have built up a reputation for themselves anelka played the dive before give even made contact the ref knew what he was playing for thats y it wasnt given. Henry got a free earlier in the game also he chested the ball (dramatically)towards the sideline with o shea directly behind him but making no contact and he gets a free how many times did u see an irish player diving. Not to mention that ass lassana diarra deliberately tripping up keane on 4/5 occasions.i guess thats what makes us irish so different from the other countries we play with pride and determination i know it cost us but at least those players will sleep well at night knowing they didnt cheat to get to a wc finals,as for your daughters team dont u think u as a parent should be telling her its not good to cheat in order for your team to win

      • John permalink
        November 19, 2009 1:02 pm

        I have watched it as you suggested, a dive you say, well I beg to differ, if I was running at that pace and the keeper chops me at the ankles there is only one way to fall and thats down, we must be looking at different footage. Not sure about your last comment about my daughters team, but to clarify they are taught to play fair as I have all my life. I understand you are disappointed as I would be also, your nation did play with pride and lots of passion, unlike the French team. Mate I have lived most of my life in Australia and we hate the theatrics but diving is one part of this game you will find that all European teams do it, the academy awards have to go the Brazil and Italy, you so much as breath on them and they will go down for the count. at the end of the day we could debate this forever and a day, I could go through a list of incidents from game one in Dublin against your so called fair team, but it wouldn’t change the result.

  9. November 19, 2009 2:14 pm

    you see this is ALL besides the point. I cant stand it when people go..’oh but i wont mention this decision, or that dive last year, or that trip in 1988.’ The point we are discussing really is do we accept this form of blatant disgusting cheating in our sport? Other sports do not allow this and set their games up accordingly. Can you cheat in Rugby? Yes..but the vid ref will get you at the professional level and the bans are months rather than games..thus you are actively DISCOURAGED from cheating and trying to con the ref.

    Henry has shown that a supposed good guy of the game can cheat..and why? because he can. So i hope France are proud of their captain..if that was England last night i would not be supporting them in South Africa out of principle, and i pray United dont win a tournament ever like that cos i would have to lament it

    No hiding from what he did and that it is wrong peoples…

  10. John permalink
    November 19, 2009 2:45 pm

    Even though I proudly follow the FFF, I do agree that what he did was out of character and it was the wrong thing to do. However how do you define cheating??, I dont care what team you follow the fact is many other teams use deceitful tactics to win football games, Henry’s handball is not the only blatant one we have seen and it wont be the last. To watch someone I have admired for so long do what he did is disappointing. Hand balling is not the only form of cheating in football, I think taking deliberate dives in the penalty box is just as bad, like the one Italy took against Australia that left a bitter taste in all of us here in Australia (except the Italians of course) and then to watch them beat France in the final 2006. Football needs vid referee’s. that will sort a lot of these problems out.

  11. November 19, 2009 3:05 pm

    I don’t think the French are particularly proud of what happened. Indeed, Bizente Lizarazu said of the incident – ‘We’re going to go to the World Cup, but we go to the locker-room with our heads bowed. It was not something to be proud of. I’m not going to party’.

  12. the sourbugger permalink
    November 19, 2009 3:14 pm

    The irish Sun newspaper had a great headline this morning : it read “Hand of Frog”. Brilliant. Many here believe that FIFA wanted France in the WC (world cup not water closet) for commercial reasons. Could darker forces have been at work here ?

  13. November 19, 2009 3:42 pm

    Even if there is some big conspiracy theory to get the French (and others) through to South Africa, it’s not going to help them much unless they start playing a bit better. A lot better.

  14. November 19, 2009 4:38 pm

    Surely this game has to be replayed, there is too much at stake for it just to be brushed off.

    FAX number for FIFA! +41-43-222 7878

    But I would like to point out that anyone that can read French will see that respect to the French people for their reaction of disgust to Henry’s actions, so for the people that France I hope that they go on to do well in the World Cup! I had a look at this link below that has some good football related Facebook Statuses for the World Cup in its Facebook Status Generator:

    Fair Play must shine through and FIFA have got a big message to send out now by banning Henry from the World Cup

  15. November 19, 2009 5:24 pm

    Theres no conspiracy here, Henry conned the ref and that is that

    John i take no swipe at whhat youve said..except for the ‘oh its happened before it will happen again’..thats why this sort of shit happens in football. Anyone that would do what Henry did last night is a cheat in my book…and yes..divers? cheats. The sad fact here tho is that a team got knocked out of a world cup due to one mans idiocy. Mr Lizarazu is 100% correct. It will be another 4 years before Ireland get another chance….so you see..its the severity of the situation that has caused this stink and not just ‘another handball’

    There is gamesmanship and then theres cheating. France technically cheated their way to a World Cup finals and we shall all remember that for a long long time

  16. maserati4200 permalink
    November 19, 2009 5:47 pm

    What makes it worse is that Henry admitted that he handled ball and avoided the “mea culpa” by blaming the ref for not spotting it. Classic!

    • November 19, 2009 6:19 pm

      agreed maserati! i couldnt believe that. What a crass comment to make

      • Michael permalink
        November 20, 2009 1:31 pm

        Yes, but surely what Henry’s comment makes abundantly obvious is that it is the way football is officiated, that is at fault here? I’ve seen lots of sanctimonious remarks about how disgusting it was for Henry to “cheat”, as if every other human being ALWAYS admits when they have done something wrong. Utter, utter pompous nonsense!

        Let’s say you are 10 minutes late for work, but your boss hasn’t noticed. Do you go to his office and tell him that you were late? NO!

        It patently obvious to anyone with a brain that the officiating of professional football is completely farcical. How many times do we have to see such incidents? Blatant handballs? Disallowed goals where the ball was several feet over the line? It’s a complete joke. And yet, FIFA pig-headedly refuses to even entertain the idea of video refereeing, despite the fact that nearly every other major team sport uses it now. And they are supported in their reactionary, anachronistic attitude by like-minded football fans who repeat the trite, facile mantra about technology “slowing the game down”. I dare say such people refer to such things as the “interweb” and these new-fangled portable telephones we all have.

  17. Hush permalink
    November 19, 2009 6:36 pm

    Henry was definitly wrong in what he did, and it hurts to say that as every success my team Arsenal has enjoyed over the last few years he has been the centre of. However, everyone calling for his head, saying how he has tarnised the game of football should jump off the bandwagon.

    What he did was instinctive. Against the rules and honesty of the game, but any player who can save his nation from the brink of disaster (in terms of sport) would probably, not definitly, do the same. He did admit to it afterwards, and yes it is the responsibility of the officials to do something about it.

    The Irish over the two legs showed much more commitment and endevour as a unit and did deserve to go through. The longer it went on the more I inevitable became the heartbreak for the Irish. But also remember, Gallas’ goal made it 2-1 on aggregate, preventing spot kicks. Ireland didnt have a place booked, unlike the spokesman for the FIA kept saying.

    The consequences of the result are only second to perhaps the world cup tournament itself, which begs the question why hasn’t technology been embraced. TV networks are able to analyse and come to clear conclusions over debatable decisions in a matter of moments, maybe the fourth official should watch Sky’s coverage of the game.

    Like someone said earlier, if France had been the victims of an Irish hand ball I can’t see the likes of Platini taking it lightly. C’est la vie.

  18. Shortbus permalink
    November 19, 2009 8:06 pm

    I don’t have a clue if any of you ever played Football, But since I was a wee lad of 4yrs old we were always taught Football 101. Football 101 dictates that you always play till the whistle, which is what Henry did.
    Granted we weren’t taught to play with our hands, I cant even remember how many handballs I have seen over the years and still to this day that are never called, at ALL levels of the game.
    I can remember getting clobberd, bashed, ect ect, but I always played till the whistle.
    Games over, France won

    • Shortbus permalink
      November 19, 2009 8:10 pm

      Just an after thought, I say Fuck Video replays, it will slow the game down.
      But what do you think of the EuropaLeague having the extra ref’s behind the goal?
      Do you think this would of been blown dead? I think its a great idea

  19. November 19, 2009 8:41 pm

    I don’t think video replays would slow the game down as much as people fear. How long did it take to restart last nights game after Henrys goal? Any number of replays could have been watched in that time. The game at the top level is littered with stoppages as it is, holding it up for a minute to watch a video of a goal ain’t going to make much difference.

  20. Barry permalink
    November 19, 2009 9:44 pm


    Utter nonsense mate, Ireland had levelled the playing field by scoring away from home. And throughout the game Ireland looked the more likely to get another goal, we had the advantage for if we had have scored again France would have to score 2 more goals to win. So what you’re saying is absolute shite…..

    And if the situation was reversed, if Ireland had been the team to score a goal through means of cheating, and France was in a state of rage today (as Ireland is), FIFA would not hesitate to stage a replay of the game……its all about money…’s to France not getting past the group stage of the World Cup, and I’ll spit at the ground in front of Henry if I ever meet him, and the French manager, shameless feckers, how dare they celebrate this victory as they did, and the comments they made after the match, SHOCKING!

    But yes, respect to the group of French fans who have shown sympathy to our Irish team, and who fully understand the way Irish fans feel.

    • Hush permalink
      November 20, 2009 12:17 am

      Barry, I never said that France deserved the game, all I said is before the controversy of Gallas’ goal the match as a contest was on a hinge, leading to penalties. So people saying that Ireland were cheated out of the world cup is not true, because they were not assured of a place there at any point.

      What I said about Irish heartbreak being inevitable was because of the luck the home nations have suffered in qualifying campaigns in recent history. Getting to a stage where it is possible to qualify but having it taken away late on.

      And what Shortbus said about playing to the whistle is the harsh reality of it.

  21. November 20, 2009 12:03 am

    Having played football at a pretty high level, this has always gone on in the game. Some of it is good old fashioned sportsmanship, and the rest is dam right cheating. I do believe that Henry’s reaction was deliberate but also instinctive. In a split second, its an automatic reaction to try and keep hold of the ball.

    I am surprised the linesman didn’t pick it up, but you cannot always blame the officials, they do a tough job. However, I do feel that if the boot was on the other foot, the player would either be banned for 2010 or such a stink (according to Mr Platini of course), would call for a replay. Fifa is another corrupt organisation, and always had a level of jealousy around the UK, especially England. Or they favour the larger nations because of money. I personally feel it would be brave and right for Fifa to make this stand, and call a replay. Anelka dived, and for anyone to say differently, they obviously haven’t played the game. To try and dismiss the impact of what happened by mentioning this is wrong.

    It is about time Fifa stood up for the future of the game, and either played the tie again, or at least stop Henry for participating. Yes it was instinctive, but it is still cheating. Anelka should be fined, and if an Irish player was seen to be diving, he should be fined. This is ruining the game and it should be stamped out. If you heavily fine and disgrace the cheats, then this will clean up the game. Drogba was shamed in the football media two seasons ago for excessive diving. He threatened to quit the English game, but still here and seems a little more honourable in his play nowadays – I wonder why? “Name and shame to improve the game”.

  22. John permalink
    November 20, 2009 12:11 am

    Lets put it beyond doubt and replay the game!

  23. November 20, 2009 12:41 am

    I dont want to see a replay..we CANT be replaying games or it will be never ending (ie i would want the United Chelsea match replayed as Drogba was offside and pulled down Wes Brown!…see…itd get crazy!!!!!)

    I want FIFA to go ‘theres something terrible here and we must look at what we can do’ no, not banning Henry, or the like…something constructive. One day we will have video replays but we will have to wait until Blatter snuffs it and have the governing body run by someone with a modern stance. ..then we will all go ‘why have we not had this for the last x amount of years!!!’ …i can hear it now. Its like the backpass rule..talked about for ten years as goalkeepers spent 90% of their time playing one twos with their centre backs and picking the ball up wasting time…but no one could see a rule change..then we changed it and it healed that issue once and for all

    Football is the only sport where we allow this sort of cheating to happen. The deception by these player has reached breaking point

    The game is already in the gutter but Henry dragged it a little closer to the sewer last night..i may just start watching other better run sports :-p

  24. John permalink
    November 20, 2009 1:52 am

    Upon reflection of all these comments, and looking back. Derek made the point that Anelka dived to get his penalty, yet it was clear that the keeper did get part of his ankle, either way no penalty given and all say its fair, what about the penalty given to Serbia (who finished just above France, which forced the playoff against Ireland). how different was that to what we saw, yet the penalty went to Serbia, the game was drawn and the rest is history. Football is one of those games you can analyze till your blue in the face. There is no doubt Fifa controls the world cup and for as long as they do, wrong decisions & foul play will continue.

  25. Nick permalink
    November 20, 2009 6:35 am

    While I totally understand where the FAI are coming from in asking for a replay (I’d want the English FA to do the same if it were England) there is simply no way that it can be replayed. As has been mentioned it would set an unrealistic precedent. If we were to replay every game where a ref makes a wrong decision, or even just every game where a ref makes an ‘important’ (if we could even decide how this would be judged) decision, football would grind to a halt because every game would be replayed time and again.

    This looks like an obvious support of introducing video technology then, in order to ensure that the decision is made correctly the first time around. Certainly, it would provide accountability, the players could not cheat and then say “oh well it was up to the ref” because the ref would have no excuse not to make the right decision. Furthermore, it eliminates the inequality which results from us sitting and watching every incident from our living rooms and then furiously abusing referee’s and linesmen for seeing something that they could, quite possibly, never have been able to see.

    And yet despite all this, I’m a purist, and my heart shudders at the thought of bringing video technology into our beautiful game. it’s simply one of those situations where your head knows that its probably the right thing to do and youor heart simply can’t accept it.

    Who knows what will happen. Unfortunately, none of us really get a say anyway.

  26. November 20, 2009 9:59 am

    People pointed and laughed at Pele when he said Columbia had a chance at winning USA 94, but more than anything else they really should be taking him to task for lumbering modern football with the tag of ‘the beautiful game’. It’s not been a ‘game’ as such for 100 years, ever since we started paying folk to play it and paying prize money to winners, and it’s been far from ‘beautiful’ for a long, long time.

  27. watp permalink
    November 20, 2009 10:46 pm

    well well done henry !!!!! irish scums

  28. November 20, 2009 11:36 pm

    Watp, you are a retard.

  29. edu4 permalink
    November 21, 2009 10:44 am

    dun talk to much…juz go on n see wat happen next k..amigos~

  30. landon Harris permalink
    November 22, 2009 2:22 am

    Henry is a classy guy. Didn’t do it in a cheating way. He fessed up to the handball, better than most would do.


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