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This Must Stop NOW! The Gross Inability To Punish A Cheat.

November 10, 2009


There is no longer a debate on this. Not one which has any credibility. The reason i say this is that a debate is where two or more factions can equally assert their opinions on a given subject. Well….the debate is now dead. Its time for action.

Football is riddled by this disease that halts the match referee to make correct decisions. It is eating its soul and consuming its physical form. If you had a disease and there was a cure right in front of you would you accept it and try and get better. Yes, i think so.

The call for video technology has now reached such epic proportions that surely Mr Blatter can hear the sound of the call from his ivory tower. FIFA’s plan for an extra referee on the bye line may well have helped last night as David Ngog did his best ‘diving swan’ impression to steal two points away from Birmingham. He may have seen it, and signalled to the ref to book the Frenchman. However, he might have kept his mouth shut and allowed the Ref to make the we see countless linesman do every week. The point here is that unless the main official is ALLOWED by the authorities to take a quick second look at a monitor, or alternatively we have a designated Video Ref, then football is almost dead as a fair sport.

Being honest, in real time last night Ngog fooled me as well as the referee. The view of the normal camera that showed the game clearly shows Lee Carsley lung towards Ngog’s path of play. However, as all the other cameras quite clearly show, is that the Liverpool forward was clear of the tackle by some way and he decided to fall over rather than continue with his run. In other words…he cheated. But the point is it is not the dive that is the problem. Its the restrictions on being able to identify it and then having the ability to punish it and justifying a referees call.

So from this last weekend we would have seen John Terry punished for pulling down Antonio Valencia, Didier Drogba arm pull on Wes Brown, Ngog’s Olympic standard acrobatics, thing that no one has mentioned since last nights game…Steven Gerrard’s dive in the last few minutes trying to ‘win’ a penalty, which was every bit as bad as Ngog’s effort and would have led to a booking had we had some sort of video refereeing (but of course we wont mention it as it is the nation’s beloved Stevie G….urgh) As a United fan you can probably see why i have highlighted what i have, but this is not club specific. I understand that Ronaldo dived like an ass. I also know that Rooney, Owen and Berbatov would all take a fall. As i said it is not the players trying to dive which is the core problem. Cheating will always happen in every sport. But if you do not respond to it, and address its negative impact, then the problem festers and eventually destroys everything.

For me, top class football is dying just a little bit more every week. It will get to the point where a Champions League final or a World Cup will be decided by the theatrics of a cheat and not as we all hope the genius of God given football talent. The Ngog incident last night, or should i say the inability to deal with the incident effectively, killed the sport by another inch, further creeping forward to a fatality. How far do we have to go before we have the dead body of football on our hands? Like everything in this blessed game, we will react when things have gone way too far as per usual. Platini recently said “It is only the English who care about diving” Lets see what he thinks when his French national team get put out of a tournament by a ‘Hand of God’ moment or maybe a dive in the penalty area by Steven Gerrard against Les Bleus in a World Cup Final……maybe then he will care?

Will the last person please turn out the lights when we have all left and gone, and no longer care for this mess. The carcass has already started to rot. Rest in peace my beautiful game.

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  1. November 10, 2009 12:06 pm

    The extra 2 referees on the goal line that is being trialled out in the Europa League seems to be working on the games I’ve seen.

    They get a better angle at being able to see for instance is it a goal kick or corner? penalty decisions etc

    But for this to work that is 5 referees per game, in just the Premier League that would be 20 extra referees every weekend, add in the Football League and you’re looking at an extra 92 referees!

    But again with this there is the human error factor, I’m in favour of technology in sport. There seems to be some kind of “not spoken about” rule that football referees would be offended with the use of such technology to aid them.

    Bring in the technology and save our game!

  2. November 10, 2009 3:18 pm

    looked like he was jumping off a plane..

  3. Shortbus permalink
    November 11, 2009 5:54 am

    Love the Idea, would of loved it even more if it was instituted while Ronaldo was at Man U
    I don’t think there is a bigger cheat in the world, and its so sad cause I also think he is one of the best players I’ve seen in years…

    • November 11, 2009 12:20 pm

      well, without defending the old boy, Ron also used to take alot of punishment and get kicked all over the pitch. But now is the time to act on this subject, not just sensationalise it every time someone does ‘an Eduardo’ (as i believe its described as in the dictionary)

      Yes i know he wasnt the first..calm your boots Gooners.

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