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Ade The Misunderstood?

October 30, 2009

Adebayor wearing Arsenal colours

Adebayor has once again broken his silence about his true feelings for Arsenal, the fans and former team mates. Much has been thrown his way since interests from other clubs began surfacing after the 07/08 season when he scored a remarkable 30 goals for the Arsenal. But, does he really deserve the stick he’s gotten since leaving the North London club? Looking back a year or so ago, the Emmanuel Adebayor saga began after AC Milan and Barcelona showed interest in the Togo striker. Since that summer of will he, would he go drama, Arsenal supporters seem to have lost a lot of respect for the footballer after failing to make his intentions clear, dragging the club and its transfer strategy to uncertainty. After stalling and MIA’s, Adebayor ended up signing a contract that would have tied him to Arsenal for the long term. This of course came with rumours of Ade demanding money way enough to feed all of Africa.

After accusations of disloyalty, fan backlash, greed, overly exagerrated celebrations and parents getting insulted, the media (or perhaps Adebayor) have painted a rather one sided picture for the rest of the world to judge the man. My point is maybe we should take a step back and try to assess the footballer’s perspective on things.

During the summer, Adebayor was finally sold by Arsenal to the big money spending Man City. Their first encounter was one of the highest anticipated match ups this year as Arsenal visit the City of Manchester Stadium. Adebayor recently revealed a few tidbits of what went on behind the scenes that I found interesting and shocking to be honest. He revealed that his former Arsenal teammates refused to shake his hand in the tunnel right before the match started. This to me is unheared of, I can not remember a footballer completely thrown to the side by his former teammates. Perhaps its a testament to Adebayor’s character, maybe truly did cause that much uncertainty among his coworkers or perhaps his teammates simply could not care less. Either way, I guarantee anyone who experiences the same thing that if this happened to you, things will go a million miles per hour in your head, analyzing every posibility of why, how and the lot of the reason behind such a treatment.

take that!

Fast forward to 30 seconds later, after stepping out of the tunnel, the first thing the man hear are the words “Adebayor, Adebayooooorr, his dad washes elephants, his mum is a whore… ” After all the stick, personal insults, and embarassment caused by his teammates dissing their former colleague somthing has got to give. Sure enough, the man eventually lost his cool in the 72nd minute and stompped on his former strike partner Robin van Persie, almost stompping out his eye. Caused by frustration and anger, but no excuse. Onto the 80th,  the man must be dying to find the response he desperately needed, a goal in the back of the Arsenal net would do the trick and sure enough he sticks it to the net followed by an audacious and highly criticised down the field celebration in front of the Arsenal away section.

Adebayor ends up getting fined for his celebration, suspended a handful of matches for his stomp on van Persie and faced a backlash from Arsenal and neutral fans alike, building up his ever growing “asshole” reputation. But can you really blame the player? For all the controversy, diss and fan abuse that has come his way, something was bound to happen. All I’m trying to say is that we as football fans sometimes get carried away on placing our hateful opinions on football personalities. I think we should take a deeper look at the individual events and situation before placing an opinion. Sure Adebayor might be an absolute jerk, but can you honestly say that you wouldn’t have done the same things? I think we have a player here who is getting crucified for a couple of reactions caused by the chaos thrown his way by the same people criticising him. Just my two cents…

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  1. yaniv permalink
    October 31, 2009 11:12 am

    ah yes, once u put it like that, d fans r wrong, but v r looking at it ass backwards.. Ur taking d match in isolation.. But u fail 2 mention d active ‘courting’ of those clubs by ade.. He continually expressed a desire 2 play 4 money.. He acted lyk he couldnt care less bout d games he played in.. N when he left, he asks retarded questions lyk- y isnt cesc booed, y dint d arsenal fans lyk me.. Is it bcoz i’m 2 honest.. Although d chants were bad, n they cant b condoned, neither can his actions b condoned.. N if ur keeping a count, thats 1 mistake by d arsenal fans, as opposed 2 nearly a billion by ade.. N bout d players not shaking his hand.. U remember him admitting that he dint apologise 2 rvp at that tym bcoz he ‘hadnt done anything wrong’.. Now as hes saying this, hes also saying he apologized.. I’d take his words with a mouthful of salt..

  2. Hush permalink
    October 31, 2009 6:38 pm

    I haven’t got an ounce of sympathy for Ade. He was a nobody before Arsene Wenger plucked him from the wilderness and made him a star. One good season, in which the team actually won nothing and he wants to be paid a fortune.

    On the pitch last season he was lethargic, wasteful and showed no desire to earn what he was awarded in his new contract terms. I’m glad he has parted allowing Arsene to implement the new 4-3-3 formation which is working a treat so far.

    His antics at Eastlands in Arsenal’s defeat to City were petty, irresponsible and disrespectful to the men he used to call teammates. On the back of that, he makes comments regarding the club captain Fabregas, who signed a long term deal with wages almost a THIRD of what top EPL earners like Lampard and Gerrard recieve. Yet he gives 100% in any match he features in.

    Emmanuel Adebayor is an absolute joke.

  3. November 1, 2009 10:43 am

    He plays because of both fame and money. FAME AND MONEY.

    He wanted a pay-rise from Arsene, but he didn’t give him. So he started to play like he don’t know football. You know why he scored on all four games for Man City this season? You’ve guessed it, fame and money.

    At Man City he is paid twice as he was at Arsenal. Yes, he was a nobody before Arsenal raised him. He forgot his roots.

    Once he gets booed at Emirates last season, he tends to seek a move to another club, Man City.

    He blamed us(gooners) for stabbing us from the back and insulting him. He also said that Arsene Wenger forced him to leave. He persuaded Kolo Toure and Fabregas to move. He thought that Fabregas is the man who plays because of fame. But he’s not.

    We are now better without him. period! We will beat the citeh on the Carling Cup.

  4. November 1, 2009 11:01 am

    Bitter Arsenal fans!

    Listen to the words of your own manager:

    “We have lost a great player and we wish him well,” said the Gunners boss.“He’s done extremely well for the club. I don’t believe that last season he got enough support. That was playing a part in my mind and in his mind, certainly, as well. I believe he wanted to do well but he didn’t find the confidence he had the season before. There was a little resentment you could feel through last summer. Believe me, he’s a great player and he’ll show that again at Manchester City”

    Whether you like it or not, the Arsenal fans reaction to him had a major influence on all the events that have happened since. He may well have a flawed personality but so what? He is payed to score goals. Yes he said he would like to play for Milan..its up to you to convince him to stay, not drive him out. At United, we all knew Ronaldo wanted to go to Madrid, ,but while he wore our shirt he was ours…maybe not the most popular guy in the side, but effective non the less.

    I hope youre happy with Nicklas Bendtner

    • November 1, 2009 11:02 am

      oh and will you all feel like this next season when Fabregas moves to Barca????? Probably

      • November 2, 2009 5:17 pm

        No, I won’t feel that way when Cesc leaves in a few years, because unlike Adebayor, Fabregas has constantly expressed his love for Arsenal. Moreover, your argument falls completely apart when you look at other players who have left: I didn’t feel badly toward Thierry Henry when he left, and look now how Thierry Henry always talks about his love for Arsenal and look at how Adebayor continues to blame the fans for straying offside a league record 40 times last season.

        I also didn’t hear a single person call Patrick Vieira names when he left, why because he loved Arsenal. He didn’t play Arsenal in the press the way Adebayor did, one minute giving an interview saying he’s going to leave and the very next that he loves Arsenal.

        Adebayor and Ashley Cole did essentially the same thing: they both blamed Arsenal for their greed and they are both hated for it.

    • November 1, 2009 11:32 am

      We don’t care where he wanted to go. But he play shit last season, that’s what made us so angry at him.

      Who cares about Ronaldo, he was good at Man United so he deserved the respect from United fans.

      • November 2, 2009 11:30 am

        he played shit last season because you lot treated him like shit

        its a two way street

  5. November 2, 2009 4:56 pm

    1. Going from 07/08 to 08/09 – Adebayor GOT the raise he wanted. Then proceeded to play like crap and tell the press that being courted by Milan was like being courted by Beyonce.

    2. After getting his pay raise he did nothing to prove that he was worth the pay he received.

    3. City were the only club that would take him. Prior to signing at City his representatives tried to orchestrate offers to either United or Chelsea. Yeah he clearly believed in what City were doing.

    4. First he didn’t apologize because he didn’t do anything wrong and now he did apologize but noone shook his hand? Which story is Ade?

    5. Before the start to the City v Arsenal match – there was one player trapsing around on the Arsenal side of the pitch – it wasn’t an Arsenal player – who was it? That’s right Adebayor. He has so much respect for his “brothers” that he felt a need to try and start things up before the kick off.

    6. The reason noone is moaning about Fabregas, is that every time he is linked somewhere he comes out and emphatically denies his desire to move. As Arsenal fans we all realize that at some point he likely will return to Barca. But when he wears the Arsenal strip he performs without question. That is the difference between Adebarndoor and Cescy Fabregas.

    7. Should City NOT make Europe football this year – I will laugh my ass off as some of the players start looking to get out of there. One of them leading the way? Adebayor of course.

    • November 2, 2009 5:22 pm

      Robinho has already expressed his desire to play for Barcelona, City are a joke.

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