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Marlon King jailed after club assault

October 29, 2009

10 months after Marlon King was accused of sexually assaulting a young student in a London nightclub, the Wigan Athletic Forward has been slapped with an 18-month jail sentence after being found guilty of sexual assault and actual bodily harm.

King, who was celebrating both his wife’s pregnancy and scoring a winning goal just hours earlier, grew increasingly frustrated when women enjoying a night at London’s Soho Revue Bar turned down his advances. It was when a 20-year old university student gave him the cold-shoulder that King eventually snapped, first of all indecently touching her before striking her to the floor with a blow that completely shattered her nose.

King claimed that he was a victim of a case of mistaken identity, but with so much evidence stacked up on him due to witness reports, one in fact from a Football coach, there was no chance that he’d get away with the offence. The 29-year old was therefore found guilty.

Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan has revealed that he will sack King from his contract in the very near future. King’s reputation will be permanently damaged now, due to a moment of incredible stupidity and brutality. Will anyone want to take him on after this? From past incidents you’d probably have to say yes. In 2004 Lee Hughes was convicted for causing death by dangerous driving following a late-night incident in the village of Meriden, Warwickshire. The original sentence was 6 years, but in August 2007 he was controversially released and immediately joined Oldham Athletic.

The question is, should King be allowed back into Football? The argument is that for the average Joe, they wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting their job back if something like this happened to them, so why should Footballers? It’s a sensitive subject, but one that needs to be looked at. Not only does it say to Footballers ‘you can do what you want’, but it sets the worst example to youngsters in terms of behaviour.

Perhaps the tarnished reputation of these idiots is bad enough. It’s very much debatable.

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  1. October 29, 2009 7:25 pm

    The question should always be “should someone be allowed to work again?” rather than “should he be allowed to kick a ball around for quite a bit of money?”

    The media dictates that these men are role models as such but ive never bought into that bull. Quite a few of them are abhorrent humans. However, i have no problem with King resuming his career again. The average joe’ as you put it gets excellent re-education opportunities in prison in this country and if willing are helped to get a good job after their time is up. King as done the crime, now he must do the time (cliche!..cha-ching!). But once thats up he should be allowed to just get on with it.

    btw he is a complete c$nt for what he did to that girl.

  2. George permalink
    October 29, 2009 7:29 pm

    Footballers are role models, there’s no doubt about it. Kids take after them when playing in the park, at school, or even in the back garden. I did it, and I’m sure you did it – “I’ll be Gerrard!”, “I’ll be Rooney!” – all that.

    I just hope he serves the whole 18 months rather than be allowed out 5 or 6 months early. I mean, what’s the point in giving him an 18 month sentence if he’s not going to serve it?

    Agreed on the last sentence.

  3. October 29, 2009 7:39 pm

    He’s already been in prison once and got his sentence reduced but I don’t think he will for this (and don’t think he should).

  4. October 30, 2009 2:06 am

    Sickening!! This kind of sh1t seriously p1sses me off.
    It’s far too easy to pass judgement ahead of any court case, football fans after all are partisan individuals, but, having been found guilty as charged this oaf deserves everything he gets.

    At what point will the PremierLeague, Football Association, UEFA and FIFA decree a criminal conviction, in whatever jurisdiction, brings the beautiful game into disrepute?

    No doubt at all King will serve a piddling seven months, walk away indifferent and then resume a highly paid career where the temptation to repeat his offence will probably occur most weekends post match. A handshake for Dave Whelan from me, get rid of. Few people are blessed with the talent and ability to set themselves up for life financially, lawyers and doctors are struck off with monotonous regularity, so too should errant football players.

    Rant over

  5. October 30, 2009 4:07 am

    Well, after being in prison, he may find out exactly what it’s like to be beaten after rebuking a sexual advance.
    Just sayin.

  6. Shallowgirl permalink
    October 30, 2009 7:34 am

    I love his idea of celebrating his wife being pregnant. No doubt she’ll “stick by him”. Way to go.

  7. October 30, 2009 11:37 am

    I just heard on Sky Sports that King has 13 prior convictions on his record.
    Enough chances. This wasnt a first time mistake that he can bounce back from. He’s a life-long thug.
    Out of football forever.

  8. October 30, 2009 3:03 pm

    Spot on Katie. King purposely kept details of his court case secret from Wigan Athletic who only discovered the full extent of his cowardly deed at the conclusion of the trial.

    King is paid a healthy wedge to rack up a decent goal scoring record not a lengthy criminal record. Get rid!!

  9. October 30, 2009 4:30 pm

    This fool just shames the Caribbean on all colors. Even though I’m from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth the way Some Caribbean footballers leave the West Indies and then disrespect other countries by assaulting a FEMALE….. This Jamaican fool deserves at least 2yrs so he can (chillax)lol, in the cells. This is not acceptable by any means.

  10. Pete permalink
    November 2, 2009 3:52 pm

    This guy is a total douchebag and a real piece of crap to have beat on a girl AND this isn’t the first time he’s done something like that! Who the hell does he think he is?! Oh and by pulling the race card at the courthouse was laughable seeing all the previous offences. He actually tried to compare his many woman beatings to Stevie Gerrards bar scuffle with some other drunk LOL!

  11. maserati4200 permalink
    November 2, 2009 4:43 pm

    He’s low life.

    The inmates of HM Prisons don’t take kindly to men who abuse women or kids.

    He’ll pay for it – big time, and I’m not talking about the sentence.

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