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2 Milestones from last weekend’s EPL games

October 10, 2009

This weekend all major leagues around the world are not playing, as the World Cup 2010 qualifiers are up yet again for the International squads to battle their respective rights to get to South Africa.

So in the meantime, here are the two may be most talked-about incidents which have occurred during last weekend’s games in the English Premier League:

1. Manchester United drew 2-2 with Sunderland, and Fergie threw a fit about the referee’s physical condition and according to latest news has sort of asked for forgiveness.

United played so badly, that may be Fergie got frustrated to such an extent that he did not realize what he was doing, and vented it out on Alan Wiley, the same fourth ref on that epic derby match against City who allowed play to go on until nearly the 97th min, and which saw Owen score in the end of the 95th min to snatch a win for the red devils, and who against Sunderland was the main ref on the pitch.


2. Liverpool losing twice 2-0, 1st against Fiorentina for the Champions League, then on Sunday to Chelsea for the league. In the meantime, co-owner Gillett has blamed Rafael Benitez, and is willing to sell his shares to a Saudi prince.


Below is a conversation which I imagined :P

Gillett: “I blame that ‘Fat Spanish Waiter’ for the downfall of Liverpool FC, am going to the Saudis for help, they are masters at punishing wrong-doers.”

Rafa (@ Gillett): “Hijo de puta!!!”, and at his players: “Come on laddies, get that ball moving else I’ll have to stop serving steaks and look for kebabs instead!”

The 2 above situations have been represented in a rather humorous way, but in fact both matters are still very delicate, with on one hand the FA and referees looking for Sir Alex’s blood, while at Anfield the owners are having a dispute among themselves, and if Gillett do sell his shares, 50% of the club would become for the Saudi prince, but the money injected will be most welcomed by fans and managing staff.


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  1. bobbygee permalink
    October 10, 2009 7:54 pm

    rafa is an idiot. Rafa and Maradona are brothers right. Idiot brothers. They are cousins of the biggest idiot Grondona. They should all form a futebol club and called Idiots are us.

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