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UEFA surrender power – A new dawn for the game?

September 15, 2009


So finally the authorities that be have relinquished control openly

You are now ALLOWED to dive…yes. FIFA/UEFA have now given their blessing. The fact that they punished Eduardo, and have now rescinded that punishment, gives weight to this. If they had done nothing at all in the first place it would have been a million times better.

Gamesmanship and cheating has existed long before you and I bought our first replica kit. Those from the Latin game would dive theatrically, with a quadruple role at the end of things to cap it off. The Germans then made it an art form, with Mr Klinsmann turning it into a wonderful goal celebration as well. Michael Owen went over an Argentinians leg in 2002, which of course was described by all and sundry as “winning” a penalty. And now we have Eduardo.

Let’s be brutally honest. The Croatian Brazilian has done nothing NEW. It is not that he has suddenly become the first ever ever ever player to take a tumble in the box. And still on that brutally honest tip, he will not be the last…in fact, I can guarantee there will be some form of “diving” or falling over in EVERY Champions League game this midweek. The authorities stance to condemn Eduardo’s act was correct, but to dish him out a ban was a wholly dangerous precedent. Were they to ban every player that dives from now on?? Of course not. Diving is about interpretation. Stan Collymore said yesterday that the contact between Celtic keeper Boruc and Eduardo was so minimal that “Only a newly walking toddler would fall over”. But interpretation also dictates that ANY contact from an opponent is deemed a foul. There is no middle ground, because if there was referees would purely use discretion as opposed to a rule book, and then the game would really go to the dogs!

The thing that pains me the most about this whole episode is that rather than look for solutions, Platini’s henchmen have created yet more problems. WHY CAN A REFEREE NOT SEE A BORDERLINE PENALTY DECISION ON A MONITOR!? It would take less time than most injuries. Why can he not have that assistance. Oh yes…that’s right..’cos in the main we are still using the Victorian English rules from a century ago.

I can only think that there is some agenda going on here for the authorities not to change things for the better. I do not buy into all this “tradition” crap. In Cricket, where tradition is an obsessive trait for the old man brigade, they have implemented technology…and that’s from a bunch of old farts that run that game! The Lawn Tennis crew would love to still use wooden rackets at Wimbledon, but even they have built a roof over centre court and advocate the magic eye calling system!!

So why does football wish to stay the same as it is now. Does it crave implosion?

This will all end with the resignation of all the major European clubs from UEFA to form a government by itself…and lets be honest again..they will have every right to do so. Because when a government becomes decrepit and dysfunctional, you get rid of them. You don’t hang around, and wait for more problems to manifest…because that is what is happening to our game at the moment.

So it will be goodbye UEFA. Goodbye FIFA. Hello breakaway European Super League. I will not complain. Like most fans I’m sick of the bureaucrats, and yes..we may just be replacing them with another set of them, but hopefully if they can use a modicum of brain power, they will empower the game to make the correct decisions on the pitch, and not in a boardroom in Brussels

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  1. September 15, 2009 11:27 am

    Bottled it. UEFA just didn’t want to review every dodgy dive from every league – something they would need to do if they stuck by their initial decision.

  2. maserati4200 permalink
    September 15, 2009 12:39 pm

    Yep – a completely and utterly spinless bunch of bottlers. It’s now open season for all cheats, from the Premier League right down the grass roots.

    The time has come for video referrals for a widening range of incidents in the pro game. If UEFA and FIFA haven’t the appetite for regulating the game anymore then let the technology take over.

  3. September 15, 2009 3:41 pm

    that was the year klinsmann won a screen actors guild award.

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