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An Accumulator For the Weekend: Week 1

September 12, 2009
An Accumulator for the Weekend

An Accumulator for the Weekend

For those of you who don’t know what an accumulator is, let me explain it the best I can. An accumulator is a type of bet where you select 4 or more selections (if you choose 3, it’s a treble and 2 is a double) and in order to win ALL of your selections must be successful.

Some like this bet because you get relatively high (or accumulated) odds, but others don’t because they consider it to be a mugs bet because if just one of your selections doesn’t come in, they the whole thing has been a waste of money. Whilst I understand both sides of the argument, I choose to embrace the accumulator as a bit of fun and can make a Saturday afternoon in the pub a little more interesting (especially if your team isn’t playing).

But for the purposes of this article, the gambling element of this practice isn’t all that important – it’s the selection process. What I’m going to do here is to run through my selections for this week and give my reasoning on precisely why I chose them and invite you all reading this article to do the same all in the name of fun (because I seriously don’t advocate putting any money on my selections nor your own hahaha).

The first rule I usually go by is: don’t make any selections unless you REALLY know the league, or enough games have passed to get a fair idea how that league is shaping up. Why? Well if you know the league and the teams off by heart, then at least you have a fair idea on how a certain team will fair or indeed whether you should just stay away from the fixture altogether (i.e. Tottenham v Man Utd) and of course, if there are enough games played you get enough stats to paint a rough picture in your head of possible selections. With the league stats it’s important to review league positions, home form, away form and previous meetings.

I know the Premier League fairly well (or at least I think I do) so that’s where I’ll start. At first glance there are a few difficult fixtures this week. I’ve decided immediately I’m going to veer away from the big games like Tottenham v Man Utd, Man City v Arsenal and Birmingham v Aston Villa (I think we can take ’em! Up the Villa!). I also avoid the teams with unreasonably close league positions such as Fulham v Everton and Portsmouth v Bolton (both teams look shocking at the moment, 0-0 or 0-1 I reckon). Then there are the others which I just don’t like the looks of, such as Blackburn v Wolves, Stoke v Chelsea (the Britannia is like a fortress now, I can see Stoke getting a sneaky point out of this) and Wigan v West Ham. In fact, the only two games I do fancy in the Premier League this week are Liverpool v Burnley and Sunderland v Hull.

Liverpool v Burnley

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Burnley have already turned over both Man Utd and Everton this season and I realise that. But that was at home and they have yet to win away from Turf Moor. Also, Liverpool haven’t had the best start to the season, losing their last home game to Aston Villa 1-3. But Villa are a decent team with a good away record.

I think Liverpool will be looking to get their season back on track and beating Burnley at Anfield will be a perfect platform to do it.

Sunderland v Hull

My second team is Sunderland. Hull have been floundering since the midway through last season, having an impressive start to life in the Premier League. Sunderland have a good manager who’s building a good team which is reasonably strong at home. Also, Sunderland have beaten Hull in their last four meetings, including both times played last season.

West Brom v Plymouth Argyle

Next up the Championship. I don’t know a whole lot about the league itself, but I’ve been idly following results and recognise the better teams amongst the pack. Besides, the league table tells the story here. West Brom are currently in second place, whereas Plymouth are twenty-second. West Brom haven’t lost at home all season whereas Plymouth haven’t won away all season. And if that wasn’t enough, West Brom have won three of the last four meetings against Plymouth. All things point to the home team, so that’s where my selection lies.

Charlton v Southampton

My fourth and final selection is similar to the last. Charlton are second in the league, whilst Southampton are twenty-second. Also, in their first six games Charlton are undefeated both home and away, whilst Southampton have yet to win away from home.

So to recap, my accumulator will be Liverpool, Sunderland, West Brom and Charlton – what’s yours?

Kris Barton aka

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