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And Here Come the Sackings…Poland dismiss Beenhakker. Burley next?

September 10, 2009


Following another loss, this time a 3-0 defeat to Slovenia, Poland have sacked the scary dude from Poltergeist.

Leo Beenhakker, a Dutchman, took the reins in 2006 as the first non-Polish manager in the country’s footballing history.

According to Grzegorz Lato, Polish Football Chief,

“I don’t want to make a rash decision but this cannot be changed. That was Leo’s last game as coach. We were terrible against Slovenia and something must change. We are now looking for a new coach, though we’ll perhaps use a caretaker in our remaining qualifiers against the Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

Poland currently sit fifth in World Cup Qualifying Group standings, winning only 3 out of 8 matches thus far.  They will still face the Czech Republic and Slovakia and must win both (and other results in the group must fall into the right place as well) to have a chance at qualifying.

Being situated in a group with Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino, the Czech Republic, and Northern Ireland, one would have probably wagered that Poland would be quite successful.  I haven’t seen any of their qualifying matches.  Is Beenhakker to blame?

And is this sacking just the first of many to come as non-qualifying nations seek to make changes and justify reasons for losses?

Wide speculation has Scotland Manager George Burley up next to receive his walking papers after the Scots were defeated 0-1 by the Netherlands and were knocked out of Qualification for the Finals.

Said Burley of his status as Manager:

“I do my job to the best of my ability, I have been national manager for a year and a half, that’s not long and I’m looking forward to more games to come. The fans showed that they were behind us tonight and we’ve shown in the last couple of games we are going in the right direction. The performance we put up against a top team was top-notch. They’ve come off with a lot of pride. We put so much into the game, but we got nothing out of it. So, I couldn’t ask any more.”

I did watch the Scottish-Dutch match yesterday, albeit in an internet stream of horrible quality, but it appeared the Scottish played quite well but just couldn’t see net.  And one costly defensive error saw the Netherlands with a goal.  Is sacking Burley the answer here?  Or perhaps taking Kenny Miller aside in training and working on finishing…..

And what of Maradona?  Another loss to Paraguay yesterday leave Argentina struggling for a spot in the Finals, and I think Diego is walking on thin ice.

And here come the sackings……


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  1. George permalink
    September 10, 2009 4:13 pm

    I think it’d be very harsh to sack Burley. He’s god limited options as Scotland coach, and not a great quality side. They did play very well against an excellent Dutch side, and as you say, if Kenny Miller could score a goal, they would have maybe gone on to win the game. I think after Alex McLeish’s reign as manager, a campaign that was very successful for the jocks, the country’s expectations rose higher than they should be, therefore Burley had a big task on his hands.

    His record as manager isn’t great – just 3 wins in 12 matches, but 12 matches isn’t a great amount of time. He should be given another chance, certainly to try and qualify for the next European Championships in 2012. However, International football is a bit different to club football when it comes to sacking managers. Although Premier League managers aren’t given a great amount of time to prove they’ve got what it takes, International gaffers have even less time, so Burley might possibly be on his way out. ‘t’would be a shame though.

    As for Maradona, that’s poor. 5th in the group and 4 defeats in their last 5 matches with a team that have a lot of top class players. It’s simply not good enough, and while Maradona was a brilliant player, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a great manager. Can see him going very soon.

    Domenech of France perhaps in the frame to go to, certainly if they don’t qualify, which is possible.

    • September 10, 2009 4:23 pm

      And Burley’s a bit of a solver fox. Don’t mind if he sticks around for a bit and does a few more Sky Sports interviews….

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