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A Sport Of Narcissism -Football Cares Not For His Children But More About The Way He Looks

September 7, 2009


Football is a special sport

At least, Football thinks he is a special sport. More specially specialist special than any other on the planet. Billions watch him. Everyone envys the super cool guy. Cos he is just so damn special. Specialtastic!

I think football is a bit more special-needs than being super cool. Yeah of course on the pitch it is all beautiful..the game itself is amazing. But the row brewing about contracts and youth football is leading me to think that Football is actually a car, out of control, break cables snapped, and surely going to crash into that lamp post over…..OWCH!

Why is it that football law has to be so different to other codes? Why do we have some intricate contracts that actually say nothing at all?

The case of Kakuta has given one food for thought. Morality in sport has always been questionable…and loyalty? Well lets not even go there. I have heard at least 100 different arguments in the last week about how to protect young footballers. I casually read a newspaper headline today which proclaimed “How could Kakuta not bow to Abramovich’s millions” That’s right. How could the poor little sod even think to saying no to a bit of cash…because most footballers don’t care about money, right? They want to stay at their home town clubs and earn a few hundred quid a week, making their local community proud..they want to give something back, they want to ‘build’

Of course, that is all a load of tosh

Why cant 16 year old footballers want to play for Chelsea? Or Man Utd? Or whoever. Why do they suddenly now need protecting? Is it immoral if Chelsea offered Parents Kakuta some wonga for their boys services…that he be treated like a little king in West London? If i were his friend i would say “Stuff your small little French club. Get on the first Eurostar from gay Par-eee to Londres”

There is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself. There is nothing wrong with Cesc Fabragas thinking “do i want to sit in Barca’s B team or do i fancy a crack at London” There is nothing wrong with Paul Pogba going “Wow. Man Utd are in for me. Its a dream come true. I have to take it”

But no no no!! We want to stop this…on some moral ground about developing talent in a local community and protecting young boys from the evils that be..


Kids have parents. It is up to these parents to make decisions, not the authorities. I’m telling you now that if Platini bans transfers for Under 18s he is making a mockery of the sport and democracy, politically speaking. We do not need a Big Brother system running our game. We do not need to be told that just because you are not from Manchester or London that you will have to make do with your local coaching set up in Inverness. Its utter crap. And what about the poor boys on a Nigerian street somewhere? Playing football on a dust made pitch…”No son, you gotta stick it out here til your 18 cos some French bloke says so”  Total rubbish

The point is there is no case to answer. We have freedom of choice. Football is unique that we use players as a trade to make cash..and when cash is involved, people get peeved. They want their cut. Lens do not care about Kakuta’s development. They care that Chelsea have nabbed a chunk of their future bank balance before they can dish the meat on the plate and flog it for all it is worth. I have no sympathy.

In the same way that i do agree  not with salary capping, think limits on foreign players are warped and that i care not if a football club be owned by a Russian, Arab or Martian, I think players from 8-48 should be allowed to play anywhere. Employment law will dictate the intricacies as it should (that is why it exists)…and not some fat cats from UEFA and FIFA who dream of a Football Utopia.

Football needs to stop looking at himself in the mirror. Vanity is not a nice trait. Football loves himself way to much.

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  1. September 8, 2009 8:56 am

    brilliant article. hits the nail on the head

  2. September 8, 2009 3:41 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Football is starting to take itself too seriously and doing the very things Platini claims to want to avoid i.e. taking it away from its roots (see argument against using tv replays!). From the sodden pitches. From your garden pitch with goalposts made of 2 branches.

    I don’t see why Football should be treated as any other job. If this was the case, Man Utd probably have a case to answer for Federico Macheda.


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