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USMNT lackluster performance enough for 3 pts: USA 2-1 El Salvador

September 6, 2009

WDKF’s Two Favorite USMNT Tweeters Jozy Altidore and Charlie Davies

The USMNT faced El Salvador in a CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier tonight in Salt Lake City, Utah, and came away with a scrappy 3 points to help solidify their bid to the World Cup 2010 Finals.

The USA currently hold a FIFA World Ranking of 11, and in all honesty, I think tonight’s overall performance would probably leave one scratching their head at that.  Poor defending, missed easy opportunities,and sloppy passing in an otherwise absent midfield really left a scrappy game of back-and-forth so typical of CONCACAF football.

There were however, moments of quality, though those were few and far between.

In the 32nd minute, a poor clearance from American defender Jonathon Bornstein resulted in Cristian Castillo hitting net as he headed the ball over Tim Howard.  Charlie Davies nearly equalized 3 minutes later but his efforts saw the ball hit the post.  And just five minutes later, Jozy Altidore fed Charlie Davies who had his shot cleared off the line by the El Salvadorian defense.

Clint Dempsey had two quality chances in the first half which definitely should have resulted in goals but he finally capitalized in the 42nd minutes when he headed the ball home past Salvadorian Goal Keeper Miguel Montes. Excellent finish from Demps, and excellent man scruff as well.  His 5 o’clock shadow could have taken Paul Hartley’s to school tonight.

And right before the halftime whistle, Landon Donovan fed the head of Hull City’s Jozy Altidore to put the Americans up 2-1.  Altidore immediately made due on his promise to treat American fans and his twitter followers to a goal celebration of the stanky leg* with his teammate Charlie Davies.

*For those unfamiliar with the stanky leg, a) be thankful b) witness a bit of Amer0-culture here.

The second half began with an onslaught of El Salvadorian attack against an American defense missing Oguchi Onyewu (suspended) and Jay DeMerit (injury).

Altidore finished again in the 58th minute, but the goal was inexplicably recalled.  Replay will show Altidore was well on side.

Charlie Davies saw injury after coming down in the box in the 73rd minute, and Stuart Holden came on as his substitute.

The remainder of the 2nd half saw a few mounted attacks from both sides, but more missed opportunities, more scrap, and more uncontrolled, uncalculated football.  The men looked physically tired, and mentally absent.  I saw no sign of strategy coming from either nation.

There is no reason why an American victory against a Nation with a population less than that of New York City should be so hard fought.  And although Manager Bob Bradley makes some questionable substitution decisions, it is hard to point a finger of blame at him after this one.  Many of the players  just performed poorly.  But clearly something is keeping the US from performing consistently and at full potential.  And I hope it’s sorted out soon.

Man of the match: Landycakes.
Best looking man of the match: Clint Dempsey’s man scruff
Most disappointing: Benny Feilhaber.  Don’t like his hair grown out, don’t like lackluster performances, and don’t like the fact that he’s on twitter and has never updated once.  Trifecta fail.

On another note, unpatriotic as this may seem, after seeing footage of the US fans, I truly understand why half the world’s population finds us obnoxious. Shudder.


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  1. Adrian permalink
    September 8, 2009 12:42 pm

    I stopped reading your drivel after informing us readers that Josy scored from Landons* pass.
    Did you watch the game (with your eyes open).

    * It was Demps.

  2. September 8, 2009 2:17 pm

    That’s cute. Try again.
    Landon had both assists.

    Oh and here’s the minute by minute report in case you need another:

    Oh and It’s “Jozy” not “Josy”

    Keep trying though.

  3. September 9, 2009 1:45 am

    asstard?!?! way too awesome

    i love the blog, keep up the good work…

    • September 9, 2009 1:54 am

      I’m a nice girl and I also like hearing reader’s opinions. But there’s a way of phrasing things that isn’t rude, you know?

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