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Arsenal do their nut about Man Utd chants album!

September 5, 2009


Amazon have dropped a Manchester United album full of terrace chants after an official complaint from Arsenal FC

The song they are directly referring to is the “Sit Down You Paedophile” song, lovingly sang by United fans, too the touchline on visits from the North London crybabies giants, or on the rare occasion that Graham Rix (former Chelsea coach) visits Old Trafford. Arsenal claim the song on the ‘Fat Willy: Manchester United Chants’ album is “defamatory” against Mr Wenger, despite the chant not actually mentioning any names, or being directly referred to the Frenchman.

“The club will actively pursue getting content removed when it is brought to our attention and will take it on a case by case basis,” said a spokesman for the club. It is also thought that Manchester United have also contacted Amazon to give their opinion on the matter.

Amazon commented “Arsenal Football Club has provided us with formal notice that content within the album ‘Manchester United Chants’ is defamatory in nature and we have, therefore, removed this title from our website. We would not remove a product from our site because some, or many, people find it to be distasteful or otherwise objectionable. We believe it is censorship to make a product unavailable for those reasons.”

The man behind the album, Will Robinson, quoted “We would certainly keep it up there because there is nothing defamatory. That track you are talking about is not directed at anybody,” Robinson is also a music agent who represents acts such as Tony Christie and the Cheeky Girls. He is also planning to release a Volume 2 of  the popular album in the near future. Fat Willy Records has released a number of United inspired tracks, here is a Youtube taste of what they offer..

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