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The Galvanising of Chelsea – Have FIFA Just Handed the Silverware to the Londoners?

September 4, 2009


In England, we love nothing more than to get kicked down and trodden on.

This is so we can lick our wounds. Regroup. Let the lion roar, and stick it back in their faces. You could say we like the impossible fight. We like the role of victim, rather than bully. We like to feel hard done by..that we now need to roll our sleeves up and prove a point.

Its in our DNA. Its why we get so excited when England nick an Ashes Series from the superior cricketing nation of Australia. Its why old people still talk about “The War”..sleeping in underground stations to avoid the German bombers, but all in the name of the cause. Its why England spectacularly failed to qualify for the last Euros, when it was harder to actually lose. Its why Liverpool and Man Utd had to visit the jaws of defeat in European finals before beating both Bayern and Milan in the most dramatic of fashions. We cant do “as favourites”. It must never be easy.  We have to be the underdog. Its like it is unachievable if we are expected to win. Only then can we say “Actually old chap, lets give these buggers a good seeing to, for Queen and Country” Yes, it is a stereotype. But it is also true. The old-timers call it the “Dunkirk spirit”

And I think FIFA have just given Chelsea that extra 5% of motivation they need to stick it in the faces of every club in Europe.

We are kidding ourselves if we think this restriction on transfers is really going to hurt Chelsea. (I heard a Chelsea supporting radio presenter cry yesterday that “this is the death of the club – a restriction on trade”) They are a team with a mature squad and a good youth (ahem!) system. If this type of ban was to be put on Man Utd or Arsenal i don’t think they would even turn their heads to look for on coming traffic as they crossed the road. (Liverpool on the other hand may need a few more troops)

Chelsea have been the perennial bridesmaids for the last 5 years. Yes a couple of Premier League titles have come to fruition. But this is a minor success really when you consider the millions of oil dollars that have been invested in the Kings Road loving, polo playing supporters club. (note: in terms of support, Chelsea are actually smaller than Man City..alot smaller!) They have always lacked that something….some would say luck. Some would say heart. Many would say soul. So now it is all up to us to stand and applaud FIFA for taking a stance on a topic they should of had an opinion on ten years ago, and in turn giving what is an already very talented squad the impotace to win every game they play in from now until January 2011. Free adrenalin. Yes. Thank you Mr Blatter. Thank you FIFA cronies. Thanks for giving Chelsea the edge that money simply cannot buy.

I think that if Chelsea had received a £10 million fine and had to pay that sum to Lens, that that would have been more painful. A transfer ban is worse for the likes of Portmouth, Sunderland and Tottenham…teams that wheel and deal all of the time. If Ancelotti fails (ie loses 4 or 5 games!) then yes, of course “The Biggest Team In Russia” would want to make changes. But they have shown that they really do not want to do another “Shevchenko” and waste £30 million on a carthorse. There has not been an uber signing for some time

I think they will take FIFA to court and get the ban lifted. No doubt in my mind at all. However, like all things in football, it will drag and drag. It will dominate back pages in England, for what will seem an eternity (just as Tevezgate did with West Ham) By the time its all finished we will all want to roll over and just let Chelsea take our children for free, just so we can read about another subject matter for one day in our lives! The truth is that contracts in football have had huge loop holes in them for many years. I’m sure Chelsea’s lawyers will be able to demonstrate this to a judge and jury. If young Italian and French players want to play in our advanced academy system over here, at a time when the EU bangs on about a “One Europe”, then i think FIFA are gonna have to change a few of their rules. If Chelsea overturn and set a precedent now, the governing body is well and truly “in the shit”

FIFA may think they are flexing their muscle but all they have done is massaged Chelsea’s ego, preparing them for a fight.

And that spells danger for all of us.

Expect JT to be hoisting the European Cup above his head in Madrid this season.

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  1. September 4, 2009 10:33 am

    Whilst I don’t think the charges brought against Chelsea will necessarily hurt them, I hardly thing a ruling above their heads will spur the players on any.

    Perhaps it might bring a little complacancy with the first team players – “You can’t bring anyone else in, so I can do whatever the hell I like” kind of mentality, I think Anchelotti will hold everyone and everything is place just fine.

  2. September 4, 2009 3:54 pm

    Either the ban will overturn or there will be an all out witch hunt of McCarthyism proportions.
    So well written, Rob.
    And the backpages will have to split print space with the Harlequins Bloodgate at least for a while. That one is being beaten to death.

    • September 4, 2009 4:20 pm

      KP, ta Our Kid

      Its gonna run forever this will…may even overshadow the whole bloody season. I think Chelsea will gain momentum from this..if not they will go the other way and blame it as the reason! Whatever happens, it will be in our faces for the foreseeable future.

  3. September 6, 2009 2:52 pm

    Nice point about galvanising them and also dragging the case to court. It just gave me a new dimension to my original prediction that it will be overturned.

    I say it’ll drag and dominate our headlines and come November or December, when Chelsea blip once or twice, or show an over-reliance on their African players leaving in January, newspapers will make it a matter of life and death to reach a final decision.

    Conveniently though, everything goes in their favour by end of December, and come January, Chelsea will be wheeling and dealing like nothing ever happened.

    I should really be a scriptwriter. Dramas preffered.

    • September 6, 2009 3:07 pm

      Yes i can see this all turning into a really “deep” Eastenders style plot..with death, sex, drinking and selling veg on the market. Epic

  4. OzClive permalink
    September 14, 2009 3:27 am

    I think FIFA/UEFA and that French fool Platini have just given the Chelsea team the extra incentive to power through the season to a Premier League win.

    FIFA/UEFA will find some way to prevent Chelsea from winning the Champions League though just like last season.

    To be honest it is beginning to look as though UEFA and FIFA have far too much power, and are looking more corrupt by the day.
    I wonder if there is some kind of legal action that could be brought against UEFA/FIFA for the way they are treating teams from England and there bias to teams from France?
    Maybe this should become a human rights issue for the young players involved. Maybe kakouta could sue UEFA/FIFA for breach of his human rights or restraint of trade?
    That would be great!
    The sooner all the big teams in Europe split and form there own leagues the better.
    This ruling against Chelsea will only bring that day forward even sooner!

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