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Cesc Fabregas likely out for Manchester United Clash

August 24, 2009


A bit of bad news for all you Gooners: it looks like Sexy Cescy will be out for Saturday’s tie at Old Trafford.

Fabregas apparently pulled a hamstring during Arsenal’s match with Portsmouth and is looking unlikely for Saturday and definitely out for Arsenal’s second leg Champions League match with Celtic.

The Spaniard has been directly responsible for 2 of Arsenal’s 10 league goals in only two matches thus far but the scoring has been spread pretty widely among other finishers.

Being both Manchester United and Celtic, this injury could possibly help in causes I support, but let’s be honest- Arsenal look fabulous at the moment.  With or without Cesc Fabregas, I think we’re all in for some cracking football.


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  1. bobbygee permalink
    August 25, 2009 2:49 am

    This could really hurt Arsenal. This is a huge. What about Liverpool gettinh their lunch handed to them by Aston Villa.

  2. Petar permalink
    August 25, 2009 5:18 am

    Well Arsenal will do just fine with Ramsey in midfield for the Celtic game but I have a sneaking feeling Cesc will be alright for the weekend game. How many times has Arsene said players aren’t ready to play but ended up starting, doesn’t anyone else sense a bit of mindgames on Wenger’s part? (well that’s what I hope at least) :)

  3. August 25, 2009 7:05 am

    oh thats sad news tho’..Anderson won’t be winding him up :P

  4. Rite$h permalink
    August 25, 2009 10:22 am

    Cesc is another player I would like to see playing for United one of these years, he’s brilliant.
    @Mervin: Anderson is on the verge of leaving the team after a bust-up with Fergie

  5. hizbu permalink
    August 25, 2009 1:32 pm

    arsenal will put up a challenge against any team in the worldwith/without fab

  6. August 25, 2009 2:38 pm

    I’m with Petar. If you’ve read enough of Arsene’s articles, and in fact Rafa as well, when they say they are ‘hopeful’ of a player playing, they will definitely play. I’d put the pants I’m wearing now on it. Just watch.

  7. August 26, 2009 11:58 pm

    I put £10 on him playing on saturday

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