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FC Hansa Rostock, Deutsch for Newcastle United!

August 13, 2009

Typical sight at the Ostseestadion

If there was one club who mirrors Newcastle United’s stature in Germany, it would be FC Hansa Rostock. Much like one another, both clubs are madly supported in their respective northeast regions, both have their own unique club culture and most importantly, both are ran by idiots.

Located in the port town of Rostock, FC Hansa is a truly unique club controlling a massive region of the country that boasts two million supporters. FC Hansa is one of the most supported football teams from the former GDR as they were the only one to truly compete with the bigger institutions in the west on a regular basis after the fall of communism. Every home match produces a great atmosphere and you can expect the support to live and die with the club during that 90 minute period. The club and its supporters generates that “we’re untouchable” aura in and around the stadia during match days. Hansa Rostock also produces some of the best talents in Germany through their youth and academy systems, some becoming stalwarts in the national team.

Despite its history and the club’s stature in the area, FC Hansa are not able to move forward and capitalize on its huge fan base and youth system. Although the club produces some top footballing prospects, they can not bring them to the next level necessary to compete in the first division. Often, they are sold as Rostock watch other clubs develop their youth players into top talents while re-investing the money gained in the worse possible ways. Like most troubled clubs in need to blame someone for their onfield performance, FC Hansa often go through managers more than David Beckham changes his hairstyle. Sponsors are gun shy in signing long term deals with the club as nobody knows how a season will run. There is simply no stability within the club. Due to the lack of on field success (or quality, just simple trapping and shooting man!) and other factors, a few section of Hansa fans look forward to hooliganism during match days instead of focusing on the football. Last but not least, Rostock fans have become those lot living in the past with nothing to boast about other than being the last team to have lifted the Eastern German League trophy.

Hansa Rostock, along with the Newcastles of the world should be a warning to potential investors. Having a huge fan base does not automatically guarantee you success. It will take business savvy (unless you’re Manchester-F’N-City rich), proper football management and understanding of the locals in order to properly run a club such as these. It amazes me when I hear stories about “big” clubs in the eastern block of Germany because it always ends up in the same old tale of failure. It seems to me that the eastern clubs always employ the wrong person for the wrong position. They must learn to adopt the business savvy of the western clubs in order to get their clubs back in the German football map.

Just check out this photo to see how dominant the western clubs are on this year’s edition of the Bundesliga:

1.Bundesliga Clubs 2009/2010

1.Bundesliga Clubs 2009/2010


2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 14, 2009 12:41 am

    im really glad i get to read your stuffs, ando. ive been ignorant of the bundesliga, and it seems like the bundesliga does have characters like those from day time tv.

    btw, who are these starlets that came from fc hansa rostock?

  2. August 14, 2009 7:59 am

    I’m glad to be sharing my Bundesliga knowledge. I think the reason the league is not as well known around the world is simply because there is a lack in English coverage.

    Well, these starlets are everywhere, mostly end up in FC Bayern. I guess a couple you’d know would be Oliver Neuville (WC hero), Marc Stein (Hertha BSC) and Stefan Beinlich (BVB/Hamburg). Toni Kroos is a U-21 who was just sold to FC Bayern, so keep track of him, seems like a decent footballer.

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