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Ladies & Gentlemen… RB Leipzig!

August 11, 2009
Zentralstadion Leipzig... When Actually Full

Zentralstadion Leipzig... When Actually Full

Of all my travels in Europe, particularly Germany, I have never seen a football mad city so deprived of the beautiful game. For years Leipzig has been starved of the quality football it truly deserves. FC Sachsen Leipzig and 1.Lok Leipzig, the two “top” clubs in this beautiful eastern German city brought the town nothing but disappointment and embarrassment for close to two decades. From dodgy financial accounts, hooligan troubles and shocking football, there always seem to be another excuse on why they bounce up and down between the 5th-7th tier leagues of German football.

Whenever the discussion about local football came up, you will always find the normal Leipziger voicing his or her discontent. They are simply fed up with FC Sachsen and Lok’s fan hooliganism, bankruptcies, terrible football and name changes that happens so often that they’re not quite sure how to call their clubs anymore!

Since the city is currently in football turmoil, one investor is willing to take on the challenge of bringing this city out of football hell. Red Bull for years has been searching for an eastern German club to invest in and take on the mighty west. Due to strong fan protest Red Bull avoided pursuing investment in Sachsen and Lok altogether and settled for a much smaller club in SSV Markranstädt, a club in the outskirts of the city. Red Bull, a powerhouse in world sport picked Leipzig and SSV Markranstädt as it has 500,000 strong citizens ready to support a Bundesliga club.

With plans of a €100million investment over the next 10 years, Leipzig and its football mad people can only benefit from this injection of funds. It will take the new Leipzig club some time to build up its stature compared to its city rivals. Sure, RB Leipzig and its new supporters will be ridiculed for having no history, buying its way to higher leagues and all of the other insults that may come associated with heavy money in football(Citeh are you listening?). Bottom line is that RB Leipzig will bring entertainment to the city and write football history while FC Sachsen and Lok Leipzig along with their ‘die hards’ rot on the side with jealousy and further football failure. As one Leipziger said, “Simply, they’ve had their chance, Leipzig can no longer put up with their incompetence”.

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  1. August 11, 2009 6:12 pm

    I can’t even pronounce that! lol

  2. August 11, 2009 6:23 pm

    the leipzig stadium doesnt look too bad when its full actually. does fc sachsen and lok share the same stadium?

    • August 11, 2009 6:38 pm

      Actually Sachsen and Lok have their own grounds. Sachsen tried playing at Zentralstadion but simply can not fill it. What I forgot to mention is that Red Bull has bought the naming rights for the stadium, changing its name to “Red Bull Arena” starting next year when RB Leipzig moves in.

  3. August 11, 2009 10:44 pm

    Willkommen Andrew! Ich bin freue dass du bist schreiben fur WDKF. Sehr gut erste Posten! Aber es macht mich vermisse Deutschland :-/
    Ich hoffen zu lesen viel mehr von dein arbeiten schnell. Wunderbar!

  4. Fergal Browne permalink
    November 15, 2009 1:52 pm

    This article is extremely presumtious!

    How can you presume the people in Leipzig would suddenly just fall in love with a team simply because they have money and are successful? It may attract fair weather supporters but any true football fan would already support either Sachsen or LOK. And if they don’t support Sachsen or LOK based on principle as a result of the strong hooligan element, then surely they wouldn’t support RB on the principle they are buying their way to success!

    A football club can only benefit a city if the people feel an emotional attachment to the club. RB Leipzig is a club owned and run by Red Bull, it’s not a club for the city of Leipzig. It’s not a Leipzig club so how can it benefit the city? Football support is based on tradition not industry.

    And you brush off LOK Leipzig and Sachsen Leipzig far too easily. An earlier LOK Leipzig competed in a European cup final and were one of the most successful teams in the old DDR!

    The problems faced by the two established Leipzig clubs are faced by all clubs in the former DDR, so you can’t indirectly pin this on the Leipzig clubs themselves. The answer to Leipzig being football starved isn’t RB Leipzig!

    As a banner at the LOK-RB game said “Football is for you and me, not for industry”.

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