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kits revealed and leaked part 3

July 6, 2009

With 14 clubs’ kits reviewed in Part 1 and Part 2 already, here’s the third installment with the remaining six of the English Premier League – Hull City, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Stoke City, Wigan Athletics and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

More updates to come.


Just like Burnley’s kit promotional shoots from the previous kit post, Hull City forgot to bring a steam-iron for theirs too. With a new sponsor for the Tigers for next season, they kept going with the striped home kit but with narrower stripes. It’s not bad, it’s not grrrr-eat. Get it? Tigers? Tony the Tiger?

The away kit looks like a Manchester City home kit to be honest. Pretty sure they could come up with a better model than Jimmy Bullard though, especially with the lighting.


Not too sure what’s happening with Manchester City‘s kits at the moment, it was reported that they were supposed to reveal all three of their new kits to the media sometime last week (rumoured to be via a concert at the City of Manchester Stadium) but so far there has been no such thing. So we found the next best thing –  a LEAKED picture. Yes, a LEAKED picture. FYI, the more we say LEAKED the more hits we get from search engines. And probably a cease and desist order too, but there’s no chance of that since its a blurry picture off a mobile phone rather than pictures owned by the promotion department. :) LEAKED.

Obviously the middle top is the home jersey, it looks alright from this blurry picture. Right would be the away kit, not too sure if it black, dark blue or grey. Can’t see much details here. The third kit, I like. Have always like diagonal stripes. Awesome. In fact, Noel Gallagher approves.


UPDATE: Slightly different from the “leaked” picture, with the sponsor on the chest under the club’s badge. Could be a training top.


With Canterbury as their kit sponsor, Portsmouth are always going to end up with rugby influenced kits – and next season they’ll be sharing kits with Scottish rugby team from the looks of these drawings. The artist really caught the aerodynamics of the kits, didn’t he?


Not a fan of black kits as most look like referees’ kit, but Stoke City‘s away kit has a very smart and casual look to it. Le Coq Sportif has done well so far. Oh, you should see the full view of this picture here – Ryan Shawcross has dirty boots.


Wigan Athletics didn’t just unveiled their new home kit, but also their new kit manufacturer and new sponsor for next season. They’ve replaced the brand Champions with Vandanel, which I assume is Dutch, and they’ve also signed their biggest ever deal with 188BET. Savvy. The home kit has a fresher look to it, an improvement to what Champions ever did for Wigan.


I guess I jinxed it when I said Le Coq Sportif is doing well, especially with Wolverhampton Wanderers‘ home kit. Then again, don’t think its the design but more the orange colour. At least, the Wolves fans are already used to the colour so they’ll like it.

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