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kits revealed not re-leaked part 2

June 29, 2009

Felt bad for ditching the non-European playing clubs on the kit review post last week, so I thought I might as well do  the whole English Premier League albeit in multiple posts. We did the seven clubs’ kits review last week, here are seven more who has revealed their new kits. With more clubs and kits to come in future posts, maybe a couple of leaked pictures too. :)


Birmingham City‘s away kit is almost all-black. A bit boring and bland. What more can I say really? Designed by Umbro, and sponsored by F&C Investments. Ah, I do like the trimmings here. Reminds me of the yellow, white and black flag of my home country. Not Cuba.


The Blackburn Rovers‘ home kit, historically, has always had a classic case of being, well, classic and the new kit is no exception. The problem with being classic is its hard to keep the design fresh. The only alterations are in the minor details – a red here instead of blue, white instead of red and so on. Disappointing and boring, maybe its time for a radical change of design. Possibly a design like West Ham’s away kit but with a narrower stripe down the middle, red?

Away kit, on the other hand, is almost the same as the other hand, or kit. Poor. A tad boring, but design looks better. Could do without the colour white though, since their home kit is already half-white. Anyone else feel Crown Paints looks tacky on the kits?


Hehe. Hehehe. HAHAHAHA. Hehehehe. Sorry, I can’t help but giggle like a little girl at this picture of the new Bolton Wanderers‘ home kit. I didn’t know they signed the Goss brothers from 80s British boy-band Bros for next season. Fear not, its only Gretar Steinsson and Kevin Davies posing with the new home kit – a combo of top half-plain white and bottom-half stripes. Awful. Apparently, there’s a pocket sitting under the club’s badge there. That’s right, a pocket. You know, just in case.


Burnley‘s home and away kits are designed to replicate the kits worn by the club when they last won the league back in 1960, and I am loving the retro home kit. Kit sponsors Errea have agreed to allowed their logo to be removed from the typical location of the right breast to the sleeve, giving the top a more vintage appearance. Nice. Furthermore, at the back of the shirt features a commemorative gold stamp to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the last league title. Very nice. Too bad they forgot to iron or steam the home shirt for the promotional picture.


I’ve never been a fan of Puma football kits – too radical methinks, but I do like the look of Tottenham Hotspurs‘ away (or is it 3rd) kit – the yellow trims works well with the navy blue. Not too sure about the others though, especially the all-yellow with black trims combo there, but it is no doubt better than Newcastle United’s away kit.


Sunderland‘s home kit is another one that’s cursed with a historical classic design. For non-Sunderland supporters, it would be hard to find anything new to next season’s home kit.

I guess the new Sunderland away kit is like the old saying – “a face only a mother could love“. It doesn’t work for me, but I would think Sunderland fans will come to love it, the yellow trimmings does make the kit stand out. Not too sure about putting “Boyle Sport” as a sponsor logo though ever since watching SuBo did that little jigs for Piers Morgan, anything Boyle makes me hurl.


Another Umbro product to get the retro looking collar design is West Ham United‘s away kit. Between the other Umbro designs on this post, I like this the best. The baby blue vertical stripe down the middle with the white borders is brilliant. Blackburn should try something like this for their home kit.

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  1. June 29, 2009 6:23 pm

    I was thinking that Bolton shirt was going to take the prize for worst kit in football, but then along came Newcastle. Still, it’s nothing to be proud of.

    Of the other ones, I like Burnley’s, retro kits really do seem to be all the rage at the moment, and it’s working surprisingly well; see Exhibit A & Exhibit B.

    Birmingham & Blackburn are pretty safe but not special, while the sponsors really ruin the Sunderland and West Ham away shirts, which are OK design wise.

    And speaking of terrible sponsors, Tottenham fans must be pissed. Why do they need a logo and two lines of text on the home one, and a logo and two languages on the away and third shirts?

  2. glamorousdiss permalink*
    June 29, 2009 10:58 pm

    Sigh… yet another season of not getting the Spurs home jersey. I’ve not been excited about getting a Spurs home jersey since the body-figure (fat) hugging of Kappa, the one where I had Postiga cos I assumed he’d be our hero to the big time. How wrong could I be.

  3. June 30, 2009 5:30 am

    ah. one of my favourite throwback to the old days kit is the one manchester united wore for the 50th anniversary last season. its too bad its not for sale to the public though.

    glams. you already have a home shirt, why fund the club when theyre gonna use the money on players like bent. lol.


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