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penis flicking fun

June 12, 2009

Yes, the FA Cup final was a long time ago but I just have to share this video after OTP posted about it. LOL-certified. The video from the post match celebrations following Chelsea’s FA Cup win against Everton where multiple sexual assaults happened. John Terry seems to enjoy watching it. In a weird way, me too.

Here’s a brilliant article by BBC’s Chris Charles titled ‘Comedy football awards of the season‘, just make sure you’re not drinking anything while reading it or you might need a new keyboard. As I almost did when I read about Manchester United’s Anderson slipping a field mouse down Gary Neville’s top, it was more the reaction of the captain that got root beer rushing out of my nose.

And to a more serious note: Cristiano Ronaldo has, once again, expressed his desire to leave Old Trafford and Real Madrid’s record bid has been accepted. HALLELUJAH! REJOICE! Ronaldo thinks he’s getting much too big for the club anyway, plus it would be a nice change for both the club and the player. Will update on the matter once it’s done and dusted because we don’t want to count our chickens before they’re hatched, he might do a 180 and say Manchester United is the only house for him. God forbid.

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