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Blessings in disguise

April 12, 2009

In a week when we realize Rafa Benitez had yet to learn not to rant against Sir Alex, his Liverpool side were torn apart in Europe by England’s own Chelski at Anfield.

The Champions League seems like a goner now, but ask Stevie G or Jamie Carragher or any Liverpool fan which title they’d want to win, and they will definitely say the BPL.

This is the only title missing from their recent collection, and it is this title that was once their domain, and helped grow their fanbase to what it is now.

While professional sports commentators moan missing out on one title, I personally think this result is good for Liverpool. They can now concentrate on the BPL, focusing all their energies on catching Man Utd, while they concentrate on getting 4 titles.

Winning the BPL will also ensure Sir Alex stays on as Man Utd for another 2 seasons, as that is the minimum required to equal the record of, by then, 19 English league titles, although I don’t know if that is a good thing for opponents.

What’s more, it will bridge the generation of fans who will finally know what its like to celebrate a league title, something fans of Arsenal, Chelsea, Blackburn and even current League 1 side Leeds United can familiarise with.

In the end, should Liverpool win, they will definitely agree the sacrifice of European success was worth the English title. Only time will tell if it was all worth it.

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