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March 22, 2009


The difference between us, maybe, is 100 million pounds spent on players and a big stadium. There is a massive difference in terms of the two clubs and their squads. Players, transfer records, wages, there is a big difference. The problem this season is that we were so close, top for so long, that expectations were very high.

After claiming that Manchester United has spent more than his team in the last five years, Rafa Benitez has reiterated the need for Liverpool to keep up with the financial might of Manchester United if they are to deliver trophies regularly. Well, here’s a damning fact for you, one provided by who else but Sir Alex Ferguson. (He’s really in the mood of ruffling more than a few feathers at Merseyside this season, ain’t he?)

I talked to some of the people in the sports technology department and said ‘check that out’. We worked out that in the last five years Liverpool have spent around £24million more than Manchester United.

Benitez has spent £191.95m on 34 players since becoming Liverpool boss in 2004. That’s more than anyone in the Premier League except from Chelsea. While Ferguson has spent £172.25m in the same period, while also sticking to his philosophy of developing young players.

Benitez will also expect to receive £30m this summer to spend in the transfer market after signing his £20m contract. With Aston Villa’s Gareth Barry and Tottenham’s Aaron Lennon high on his shopping list.

The question is, who is the bait-ee and bait-er here? Benitez came up with the list of “facts” earlier this year, and facts they were. So, him coming up with something fictional as this is kinda out of character per se. Maybe Ferguson is right, we all need to refresh our knowledge of Sigmund Freud for this one.

Sources: Fergie: Get yer facts right, Rafa. Rafa’s monster war chest. Fergie: Only Freud can understand Benitez.

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