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le sulky diva

November 22, 2008


So Arsene Wenger has finally stripped stroppy defender William Gallas of the captaincy after a furious bust-up ahead of their travel to the City of Manchester Stadium. This was after the defender sensationally revealed dressing room problems to the media, and criticised fellow team-mates.

At this moment Arsenal has not won a title for four years, nine points behind the leaders and now without a captain, you cannot but worry about Arsenal’s future. But I think this might be the best thing to ever happened to Arsenal in a long time, there’s obviously a friction between the defender and the rest of the team and I’m glad Wenger finally had the balls to strip him of his arm-band. Although I am an admire of passionate players who clearly cares for his team but a captain doesn’t need to go to the media to point fingers at his team-mates. Which is too bad, William Gallas, as a player, is a world-class defender and a winner, but a leader? Non.

PS. I can hear Gilberto Silva laughing.

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