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The Snowball Effect

August 19, 2008

As we enter the final 2 weeks of the transfer window, expect some last minute and shocking deals to completed. The size of the snowball effect depends on the size of the biggest transfer to happen in the window. Tottenham Hotspurs have done their best to get the window going, but Blackburn and Dinamo Zagreb does not seem willing to splash their cash. It would require the massive move of one sulky striker to initiate this snowball to get going.

As a Spurs fan, I am sad to see Berbatov want to leave. Despite all he’s done for the team, I think most Spurs fan would agree that we need to let him go. Why? For one, he is approaching his 28th birthday. 28 is still consider the prime of a footballer’s career, but when he reaches 29, he is about to be put in the retirement home. The one year in between causes any player’s value to drop significantly. Just look back at Thierry Henry’s move to Barcelona for a paltry sum of 16million quid when he turned 29. If Man Utd are willing to pay 25 million quid for a soon-to-be 29yr old, I say let’s take the money and run to Russia with it!

Besides, if Teddy Sheringham can leave Spurs for Man Utd, come back on the cheap, and then still be a success 2nd time round, I am sure Berbatov can do it too! =)

Andrei Arshavin isn’t much younger, but he is certainly a happier chap! The best thing I like about Arshavin, is how he can influence games from the midfield. I’ve said this in my other blogs before, that Spurs have been in need of an influential midfielder for many years since the post-Gazza years, even with Keane and Berbatov around. Ginola and Gus Poyet did a good job at it while they were fit, but those were few and far in between. With someone pulling the strings in midfield, Bent and Dos Santos, and to some extent, Bentley, can concentrate on scoring goals.

I say let Man Utd and Berbatov have what they want, Spurs to spend some roubles and let’s get the transfer market rolling because Rafael Benitez certainly ain’t getting Gareth Barry!

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