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Shameful Rafa!

July 4, 2008

Poor Rafa! Literally!

Poor Rafa!

Poor Rafa!

He’s so short of cash that he needs to overprice Peter Crouch and Scott Carson just to get money for Gareth Barry! First of all, Barry is worth every 18million quid quoted for him. He’s ahead of Hargreaves and Carrick in the England line up, and both cost Man Utd 18million to sign. He’s also much better going forward than either, and can also play in a variety of positions, including the centre of defence. But which idiot will buy Crouch when he’s hardly played for the last 3 seasons? Whose fault is that, Rafa? When someone doesnt play much for 3 seasons, you can’t expect to get 9million pounds for him, especially when it only cost you 7million pounds to sign! Previously, I would have said Man City would be in the running to sign Crouch, but even they are richer than Liverpool now and if they can actually afford to sign Ronaldinho, Gareth Barry is just chump change to them!

And I don’t care what people say about Carson, he’s definitely not worth 10million pounds! No other team in the world can claim that their 3rd choice keeper is worth 10million pounds! Not even Ben Foster, who is an England future ‘keeper and is currently 3rd choice at Man Utd. If you look carefully, Carson actually has quite a bad record with clubs. He started at Leeds, who got relegated, but was bought by Liverpool, then loaned out immediately. He was also relegated at Charlton, and while Villa did well this season, much of it had to do with the attacking prowess of Villa and not Carson’s goalkeeping. O’Neill would do well to sign someone from overseas, like Marten Stekelenburg from Ajax, who is also an established international, and would probably cost half the price!

And I predict, eventually, thats what will happen. Barry will still go, Carson will not come, and only Crouch would be sold (other than Riise, and Alonso, both headed for Italy). Rafa will be embarassed even more when Liverpool will still fail to mount a stronger challenge and may even fade out to the aforementioned Aston Villa side who may get Champions League football. How ironic would it be then, if the Gareth Barry-less Aston Villa qualified for the Champions League, while Liverpool ends outside the top 4.

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