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End of season blues

May 26, 2008

That sentence will probably mean more to Chelsea fans, and less so to Man Utd fans. But I’m referring to your average Saturday Night couch-potato commentary box such as myself and the rest of us in WDKF. What do we talk about when there’s hardly any football going on?

For one thing, I’m quite excited at seeing the two new faces coming up from the Championship. We all know about West Brom as one Midlands team goes down (Birmingham), another one comes up. But I’m more interested in Stoke City and Hull City. If you’ve never been to the UK like myself, could you tell me anything about either of their football teams, their styles and their history? I know I couldn’t. At least I know a couple of things about players from Hull. Next season, we get to call someone an ass without being rude in the form of Dean Windass. The last time I remembered him in the Premier League, he was with Bradford when they got relegated, and was already too old to play in the Premier League. What about now??

Then we have another Hull born-and-bred boy in former England man Nick Barmby. All credits to the team for achieving promotion, but I fear another Derby County coming along. What with a nickname like the Tigers, I can only imagine the newspaper headlines next year. Imagine ‘Red Devils maul the Tigers’ and ‘Toothless Tigers crumble at the Emirates’ as headlines for next year’s papers! It’s a possibility I tell you!

Stoke City on the other hand, is led by a former right hand man of Sam Allardayce, a name who I’ll remember eventually! I do know they have a reputation of fighting their way to the top, in the same vein which Big Sam’s Bolton side did. Will they be able to follow in the footsteps of their successors? Only time will tell, but at least they already have a blueprint to follow, a blueprint of which their manager has been a part of.

Who will survive? My gut feel is that all three teams will probably come back down. Unless they make massive investments in their squads, but again only time will tell.

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