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The Last Word (in English)

November 22, 2007

Sam Allardyce pointed out two things about England which I always knew and believed.

“The bottom line is are we really as good as we think we are? That’s where the problem really lies, that we probably think we are better than we really are.” – Big Sam on the true reflection of England’s team. Shocker to most pub football experts.

“I hope this is the biggest shock we have had for a long time.” – Big Sam’s version of tough love for England

Big Sam got it right, but is anyone listening?

Kudos to the guy. I hope more people read and understand what he’s saying. Unfortunately, most people will probably overlook it, and continue believing England was robbed/unlucky/fated/(insert preferred conspiracy theory here) of a place in next year’s tournament. It doesn’t help that the “English” clubs do well in Europe. The likes of Ronaldo, Eduardo, Fabregas, Torres continually feed the believe that English teams are good enough to compete in European competitions, hence should be given a spot in the Euros on a silver platter.

Just like Sammy, I hope that the English FA, the English public, and most importantly, the English Press realise that England are not good enough, and stop putting England as favourites to win matches against teams not called Brazil, Argentina and Italy. I hope for this because deep inside, I am a fan of England, but I’m also realize lots of work needs to be done to make them favourites again, such as forcing teams to develop English players. I don’t agree on limiting foreign players in the league, but I suggest that foreign players get a maximum cap on the number of games they can play, thus forcing managers to continually develop English players to be as good as the foreigners they’re trying to replace.

Finally, the last word should really go to one man. With his 99th cap, umpteenth assist, and contribution to the England run which gave them a chance of qualifying, David Beckham has shown yet again that everybody was wrong to count him out. He did it when he knew he was leaving Manchester, he did it when he knew he was leaving Real Madrid, and he’s done it again when he knew this may just be his last game in an England shirt.


Everytime people have said that he can’t contribute anymore, he digs his heel and works to make any contribution possible. The last 2 games for McLaren as England boss will not be remembered for the 2 assists Beckham made, but he knows that he can still perform at this level, and the next manager would do well not to make bold statements to leave him out before even seeing him play, which was what McLaren did. Thank you Beckham for the memories of the 98 World Cup, the Euro Championships in 2000, the assists against Germany in the trashing at Munich, the freekick against Greece to qualify for the 2002 World Cup, the free kick against Argentina, the fighting spirit in Portugal in 2004, and the assists in the 2006 World Cup! We’ll miss your right foot!

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  1. December 6, 2007 1:30 am

    In theory, elimination should be a good thing for England. It gives them time to reflect on what went wrong. The FA hastily signing on McLaren before the world cup – Martin O’Neill was a more sensible candidate, constantly trying to fit Stevie G and Lamps in that central midfield, overlooking players who would make the England team a ‘team’ instead of 10 primadonas and Owen Hargreaves.. I could go on all day. Unfortunately like a raging menopause riddled bitch the majority(fueled by those lovely people running the tabloids) start looking for scapegoats.

    “Why are there so many foreign players in the league?” The question should be “Why aren’t there many English players gracing the top European divisions” and no. Theirry Henry is not English.

    Quite a few people have expressed interest in the post. Okay maybe just Fabio Capello. Personally, I hope a certain special one will sign on the dotted line.

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