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July 26, 2007

With three more weekends before the start of the 07-08 Premiership season, the pundits at WDKF has set up a fantasy league for our readers and other bloggers. Here are 5 easy stepson how to join:

1. Go to this site.

2. Register yourself, your team name and colours.

3. Choose your players. You have unlimited free transfer pre-season so you don’t have to finalised your squad until the first dateline (11th August 11.30 BST – an hour or two before the first kick-off). The squad must consist of 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielder and 3 strikers.

Once the season has started, you’re given one free transfer per game-week. Once you’ve used your free transfer, for one extra transfer that game-week will cost you 4 league points.

4. Once a preliminary team has been set up, click on “Manage leagues” under “Leagues” on the profile section of your account page. Then under “Join a private league”, copy and paste this code – “129149-29508” – in the box and press “Join league”. You’re in!

5. Remember there’s a dateline for your 1st XI, captain and subs every game-week, usually an hour or two before the first kick-off of that game-week. Captains score double points.

It’s really important that you read and understand the “Help” and “Rules” pages.

Email wedontknowfootball[@] for any questions. Good luck.

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